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Larchmont Mac Store Offers “Inspired” Summer Programs

Mac users in the area have a great local resource for repairs, advice and education, at MacInspires.

We asked Founder and CEO Travis Sluss what are the top 5 questions he gets from parents about the STEAM classes they offer now and in the summer:

What is the A in STEAM, I thought it was STEM?
The term STEM was coined to refer to the Science, Technology, Engineering and Math. The ‘A’ was added for The Arts, an important subject for creativity and problem solving.

What’s your most popular class?
It’s hard to say! MacInspires programs vary from music and video production to robotics and 3D printing. Our programs change often while progressing, giving kids a space to try new things and continue with their passion.

I love your summer programs, but my child is interested in one subject over the others shown that week. Will she be able to spend time on the subject she enjoys?
Yes she will. All of the subjects listed for our Summer Programs are prese
nted that week. Students are allowed to focus on all, or one subject throughout the week with support from MacInspires instructors.

My child is interested in a particular class, but can’t make the one scheduled, what can we do?
MacInspires is happy to schedule a private class just for your child, or if you get a few friends to join we can start a new class just for you guys at a time that works for everyone.

Is Minecraft good for my child?

That’s a big question. In general the answer is Yes, for most kids 10 years and up. Minecraft has many educational elements that we suggest kids get into. Everything from learning about architecture and teamwork to more complicated subjects, like building your own circuitry, inventions and more. MacInspires utilizes a special education version of Minecraft that allows us to bring these beneficial elements of Minecraft to the forefront, inspiring kids to learn about programming, circuitry, teamwork and patience. Most of the more educational elements found in Minecraft can only be found on the version one plays on a computer, Mac or PC, as apposed to the simplified iPad version.


For more information on classes and programs, contact:

Travis Sluss |
37 W Putnam Ave, Greenwich, CT | (203) 531-5720
1923 Palmer Ave, Larchmont, NY | (914) 630-7338

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