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Larchmont Democrats to Run for Re-election


Larchmont Mayor Lorraine Walsh

The Village of Larchmont Democratic Caucus announced the slate of candidates chosen to run again in the next election.

Mayor Lorraine Walsh will run for a third term. Current Village Trustees Peter Fanelli and Sarah Bauer also seek re-election.

This is the first time Bauer is endorsed by the local Democratic group. Two years ago, Bauer who was a registered Democrat, ran on the Preserve Larchmont platform, a local non-profit group focused on preserving the village’s history and charm.

So far no opponents have emerged in these races, but that could change as the deadline for filing is February 11.

There is a deadline for holding a Republican caucus and it has to be noticed in the newspaper and filed with the Village clerk. No Republican caucus was held. Anyone wanting to run as would have to do so as an Independent.

New York Village election take place Wednesday, March 18, 2020. Ordinarily the election is held on the third Tuesday of March but New York State Law prohibits an election on St. Patrick’s Day.

Pater Fanelli running for re-election as Larchmont Village Trustee.

Sarah Bauer running for re-election as Larchmont Village Trustee
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