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Larchmont Announces New Leaf Blower Law

There are new restrictions for leaf blowers in Larchmont; in 2021, leaf blowers may only be used in the Village of Larchmont during April and from October 15 to December 15, for spring and fall clean up. All leaf blowers are banned the rest of the year.

Property owners, landscape company owners and crews are all subject to escalating fines for violations.

  • Make sure blowers are not used on your property except during clean-up periods.
  • Speak with your landscaper and crew (if you use one)about the new code and discuss alternative landscaping methods.
  • Report violations in progress to the Larchmont Police at (914) 834-1000.

Local Law 6 was passed in 2020 in response to scientific data showing how leaf blowers harm our health and environment.

For more information, including tips on blower-free landscaping, please visit the Village of Larchmont website.

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