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Larchmont 5K Sets New Pace


The Larchmont Village 5K had been a local tradition for years until 2007, when dwindling participation and increased expenses led to its demise.

Until now. With fresh energy from a new recreation committee, generous sponsors and over 500 runners, the tradition was reborn Friday night as the Sprint to Flint. And it may have been the most successful ever.

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About 350 children participated in a 1 mile “Fun Run,” all receiving First Place ribbons, and 229 people ran a 5K course through the Flint Park area and Larchmont Manor, timed by the Westchester Runners Club.

Burgers and dogs followed and the bar was open at the American Legion Post 347.

Committee chair Kate Verni said she was “thrilled” with the turnout.  Trader Joe’s donated apples and bananas. Larchmont Wellness hosted post-race massages for participants.  Equinox ran a stretching station.

Below the photos are a list of race winners and organizers. And please send photos of the adult race…I was too busy running to shoot…

Larchmont Run 2012



Alexander Burks, 16:48


Narisa Wild, 21:39


1st Place: Liam Gibbons, 7:26
2nd Place: Ryan McIntyre, 7:41
3rd Place:  Will Knowles, 7:49


1st Place:  Lily Flynn, 7:27
2nd Place:  Brigid Knowles, 7:40
3rd Place:  Mary Anne Gallagher, 8:04

Male 14 & Under 1st Place: Jonah Gorevic, 20:49

2nd Place: William Burks, 22:03

3rd Place: Jack Green, 22:44

Female 14 & Under 1st Place: Shari Rauls, 22:30

2nd Place: Sarah Flynn, 22:42

3rd Place: Anna Flynn, 22:50


Male 15-19 1st Place: Forrest Simpson, 20:51

2nd Place: Tommy McEvily, 28:09

3rd Place: Alex Biener, 25:49

Female 15-19 1st Place: Leonie Rauls, 22:30

2nd Place: Mary Gail DiBuono, 23:18

3rd Place: Yasmine Hemide, 24:27

Male 20s 1st Place: Lawrence Azzaretti, 22:12

2nd Place: Jorda Bogart, 22:18

3rd Place: Andrew Nigro, 23:22

Female 20s 1st Place: Lindsey Azzaretti, 22:12

2nd Place: Kelly Heath, 27:04

3rd Place: Yael Asen, 27:52

Male 30s 1st Place: Mitchel Baruchwitz, 20:37

2nd Place: James Hinkle, 20:58

3rd Place: Derek Delisle, 21:15

Female 30s 1st Place: Heather Metzl, 24:18

2nd Place: Clare McIntyre, 24:48

3rd Place: Lauren Cassidy, 26:12

Male 40s 1st Place: Matthew Patrick, 17:51

2nd Place: John Bransfield, 18:34

3rd Place: John Collado, 18:53

Female 40s 1st Place: Karen Loga, 24:13

2nd Place: Susan Carnicelli, 24:49

3rd Place: Kathrin Rauschnabel, 25:06

Male 50s 1st Place: Auxford Burks, 20:46

2nd Place: Frank Owens, 21:41

3rd Place: Robert Nabholz, 23:16

Female 50s 1st Place: Ellen McEvily, 25:14

2nd Place: Eileen Carlsen, 27:14

3rd Place: Gloria Greco, 27:20

Male 60s 1st Place: Frank Cox, 44:52




2012 Race committee: Carolyn Lee, Val Firestein, Chris Curtin and Kate Verni.

Village of Larchmont Recreation committee:
Trustee Liaison: Peter Fanelli
Director: Joyce Callahan
Chair: Kate Verni
Members:   Chris Curtin, Kyle Delasa, Iraci DiBuono, Brigid Henry, Theresa Finck, Lynda Fisher, Angela Gill, Carolyn Lee, Mary Menzel, Amanda Schlumberger, David Salko, Jen Thompson, Val Firestein, Margo Waxman

Other volunteers: Julia Callahan, Mary Gail and Joanna DiBuono, Claire Gillsater, Courtney Hewson, Rowen Hewson, Andrea Karamitsos, Joanna Noble, Tess Resman and Zoe Verni.


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9 years ago

Great showing and a spectacular job by the teams organizing the race..are the overall final times broken down in age groups or overall times posted anywhere..? Maybe use a race timing system next year w mats and chips..Again though great time looking forward to next year.

9 years ago

Look at that — the men in the 40s beat all the other male age groups! What are the ages of the two overall winners?

Larchmont Mom
Larchmont Mom
9 years ago
Reply to  kayblossom

Alexander Burks is 15. Probably the reason the 40 year olds performed so well is that there are so many 40 year old runners in Larchmont!

9 years ago
Reply to  kayblossom

hi there, I won the ladies and am a 39 yr old mom of 3 :)
the blue ribbons were just finishers’ ribbons for the 1 mile fun run. No mention of being 1st place – it was a great initiative for the children to just participate in a run, many for the first time (including my own children).

9 years ago
Reply to  narisawild

Good for you – and congratulations!

9 years ago

Each kid got a ribbon mentioning the place, the date and the distance run. No mention of first place.

9 years ago
Reply to  Annabelle

The ribbons were blue. Perhaps I assumed this was a way of equalizing all the participants.

9 years ago
Reply to  Annabelle

The article said that 350 kids got first place ribbons. If they are just participation awards, that isn’t quite as bad.

9 years ago

350 kids all received 1st place ribbons? And we wonder why kids are so screwed up nowadays!

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