Larchmonster: That Little Mamaroneck Hut


The Larchmonster wants to know.   

What’s the story with the little hut that was built by the Town of Mamaroneck at the corner of Myrtle Avenue and Chatsworth Avenue?  It’s near the Larchmont Train Station.

At one time, it seemed to be planned as an annex to the Town Center. Maybe a place to buy parking passes. Or a police substation. It would sure make a great spot for take-out.

The Town lettering on the outside was soon taken down. Now, all that remains is a small Town seal and a sign in the window announcing a public hearing to take place in 2014. 

Two emails to the Town to inquire remain unanswered. Maybe they don’t know either. The mystery remains unsolved. Does anyone know?

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11 thoughts on “Larchmonster: That Little Mamaroneck Hut

  1. IT was called Blind Joe’s and it was a candy store. Joe was blind and to the best of my knowledge and my friends, he always gave the correct change! A candy store named Walter’s was next to the Chatsworth Garden apartments. It was the first store I would get to from my house on Forest and the first store where I got a frozen candy bar……

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