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It’s Not the Wind, it’s What’s in the Wind: Tropical Storm Henri
Please read this message from Larchmont’s Ed Merians, former chairman and a disaster services volunteer for the American Red Cross in Westchester.
Dear Editor:
A tropical system named Henri is headed our way. We probably have less than 24 hours to prepare so tidying up the yard by removing toys, securing lawn furniture and anything else that may get caught up in a 70 mile an hour wind should be tied down. It’s not just the wind, it’s what’s in the wind that will hurt you. Please remember that if you venture outdoors for social media purposes. Stay in the sheltered spot out of the wind to take your video and pictures.
Get some extra food and fill bottles of water from the tap. Freeze as many plastic bottles of water as will fit in your freezer and refrigerator to keep it cooler in the event of a power outage. Please save your bottled water in case our water system becomes contaminated and we are instructed to boil water before use. Fill a bathtub with water but if you have small children keep the bathroom door closed and ensure they can’t get in by themselves.
I’m a former chairman and a disaster services volunteer for the American Red Cross in Westchester. I’ve been through a few storms. Our neighbors in Green Haven, Orienta and the Manor must be particularly aware of a potential for dangerous storm surge. Depending on the time Henri arrives we could be contending with storm surge on top of an astronomical high tide. The wave height on the Sound on top of the surge will produce some dramatic images.
Henri will also dump lots of rain. If our first responders tell you to evacuate please do so immediately.
This is a very dangerous storm. If you get a tornado warning on your phone go to your basement or a room without windows. Landfalling hurricanes spawn tornados all the time. It may be a good idea to build a little nest in your basement in advance and explain to everyone in the household what to do. Last Thursday many Verizon customers were woken by their phones blaring a tornado warning which went ignored. During a landfalling hurricane please do not ignore tornado warnings.
Please do not drive your car through moving water. Please stay off the roads during the storm and stay inside. Be very careful around downed power lines. Please make sure your children and you wear covered toed shoes when it’s safe to venture outside. And do not walk or play in deep standing water which may be filled with bacteria and harmful chemicals. Please keep children of all ages well away from any of our streams or rivers. Debris will be flowing along with the water and could easily sweep people off their feet.
The stores are going to be jam-packed today so hopefully you already have extra batteries and some extra food. If not, when you go to the store please, please be patient. Many of our stores do not have enough employees right now and people are anxious.
Do not operate a gas powered generator inside your garage. If you do lose power which is very likely, keep your refrigerator door closed and after the power comes back ensure that you throw away anything perishable if the inside of the refrigerator if it is above 40°. When in doubt throw it out.
A few tips for my neighbors
Good luck to all.
Ed Merians
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