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Island off New Rochelle to Have Private Home

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Now this is kind of cool.

You may be familiar with David’s Island, off the New Rochelle shoreline. Much has been written about its future (and its past.)   Well, on the way to check it out, a New York movie scout discovered another island, hiding in plain site. And on it? A private residence…

from NYScout

A few months ago, I had to charter a boat to take scout pictures of Davids Island, located in Long Island Sound off the coast of New Rochelle. As we were curving around the southern side of the island, I noticed something in the distance…  Columbia Island… the owner is currently converting the building into what will be the only private island home off the coast of New York City…

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J. Mark Lane
J. Mark Lane
February 4, 2015 1:06 PM

Columbia Island has had a private home on it for many years, ever since CBS stopped broadcasting from there in the 1960’s. I kayak around it all the time. You can see the launch the family uses to get out there many mornings, heading out of New Rochelle Harbor. Nor is it the only private island home in the area. To see an interesting outpost, check out the house on Pine Island off Davenport Neck.

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