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In Mamaroneck, My Summer Goal: Get Fit and Lose Weight


set fitness

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Mamaroneck — About a year ago, just before turning 43, it happened. I started to feel my age and I didn’t like it one bit.

I was determined to get fit by the end of Summer 2016. I’ve never been a “gym rat,” or one of the people who get a runner’s high or anything close to that. Typically, after a workout or an exercise class, I want a cookie and a nap.

The idea of joining a cold, bare-bones, cookie-cutter or boxing-type gym did not appeal to me. I felt like I was limited in my choices for really changing my body and getting stronger.

Then I found SET Fitness…professional, personalized and safe.

And the difference in my personal fitness is amazing.

set fitness
SET: Boutique gym with state of the art equipment

Tucked away behind the bustle of Mamaroneck Avenue, SET Fitness is a true boutique gym. The space is clean, quiet (save for the music pumping out from small speakers strategically placed throughout), simple and stocked to the gills with top-of-the-line bio-mechanically designed Nautilus and MedX machines, more typically utilized in sports and medical rehabilitation. This is no Boot Camp, there is no military trainer in your face demanding another rep, no kettle bells or mammoth ropes to navigate. Instead there are smiling faces, gentle but firm encouragement and lots and lots of Science.

set fitness
Robert Messina (left) and Chris Marraffino, trainers at SET Fitness


Based on the High Intensity Training (HIT) method popularized in the 1970’s, SET has evolved the style to maximize safety while still giving amazing results. HIT focuses on effectiveness, efficiency and safety. I was told a once-weekly, 30-minute appointment is more than enough time for a full HIT workout.

And that short workout is so effective that people typically only perform it once or twice per week and see results that are equal to or better than results they see from programs that require much longer time commitments.

When I began, I had chronic low-back pain, was overweight and out of shape, even though I had been participating in various hot yoga, barre and pilates classes. I had belonged to local gyms previously and after months of wasting money and not using the memberships, I had always quit. I can honestly say, in the last few months of weekly sessions at SET, I have never missed more than a week.

I actually look forward to working out, and to feeling the soreness that inevitably comes afterwards, because I KNOW I’m getting stronger.

The sessions are 30 minutes and although I’m working hard, I barely have to think. My trainer has my session laid out ahead of time and adjusts the machinery and weight to suit me before each exercise. They keep track of reps and offer playful inspiration throughout. I’m typically cracking jokes through gritted teeth the whole time.

Unlike most workouts that leave you anywhere from glistening to full-on dripping, SET has clients workout on their lunch breaks, in their business clothes, and return to the office right afterwards! That means I can wear my “athleisure” gear, head to the grocery store straight from a full-body workout, and not worry about running into a friend looking like a hot mess…bonus!

Before (left) and after. Can you see it in my face??
Before (left) and after. Can you see it in my face??


Compared to the small time commitment, the payoff is disproportionately huge. In the course of my weekly appointments, I not only increased my strength, but also my self-confidence. I started caring more about what I ate and how I was feeding my body. I lost weight, gained muscle and reduced my back-pain to an almost imperceptible level.

If you’re like me, this may forever change how you view exercise and how you work out. If you’re not like me, lace up your sneakers and go for a run…to SET Fitness.  Summer goal achieved!

set fitness

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