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How to Help Hurricane Harvey Victims from Westchester

Some resources that we can use:

The New York Times has a list of suggestions of where to donate money and supplies.

Volunteer New York! has scheduled a local Hurricane Harvey relief effort on Sept. 11 at the Westchester County Center. Supplies dropped off at the center will be organized and shipped through the AFYA Foundation.   Those who think they will be able to drop off relief supplies need to register in advance. Volunteer New York! has a list of relief supplies it will be accepting.  Go to  to register.

Pet Rescue in Harrison is working to deal with the animal shelters that are overwhelmed and many pets have been left behind with no food, water or possibility of survival without help. Pet Rescue is teaming up with rescuers on the ground to help Montgomery County (north of Houston and the area worst hit) to save lives.

Pet Rescue says it has committed to pulling 30-35 animals to safety in the next few days, or as soon as transport can be organized. They would also like to send pet food and supplies to the impacted area since the weeks to come will require food, crates, toys, bedding, etc.      PayPal link to Pet Rescue Hurricane Relief

photo: Matt Diehl

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