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Lost Parakeet


A Larchmont family on Thursday called on the community to help find their escaped parakeet, Pudding. Here is what Sue and Michael Krevlin wrote in an email:

“Yesterday, July 27, our parakeet escaped. She stayed nearby for many hours; but as it got later she wandered further away.  We continued to follow her voice from Sherwood to Iselin to Mayhew, Stuyvesant, Howard, and lastly Bayard.

Parakeets are not ‘homing’ birds and not likely to find their way back if too far astray. PLEASE help us by keeping an eye out for a little, pale yellow bird. She has turquoise markings on her back, under her flight feathers. Her name is Pudding. She is very sweet, but does not like human fingers going towards her unless she’s on the ground and needs help. She will possibly come onto an arm or shoulder.

If you see her, please call us immediately at 834-8096 or my cell phone number 917-972-2709.

Any  ‘sightings’ or information is greatly appreciated. And please pass along this email.”

We look forward to hearing that Pudding and the Krevlin family are reunited soon.










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August 8, 2011 12:25 PM

We have FOUND someone else’s lost parakeet. He looks cared for and seems tame. His flight feathers are not clipped. He is green. We would love to get him back home.

July 31, 2011 12:24 PM

I just wanted to leave an update on Pudding. We have received at least a couple of calls a day from people who have seen a bird that sounds like it could be her. We are trying to follow up on anything and everything, no matter how unlikely. It seems like a needle in a haystack – but she is nearby.

So please, keep it in mind if you see a pale yellow bird. We’re also grateful for those of you who call or tell us that you’re keeping an eye out. People have been very kind.

July 29, 2011 1:19 PM

I think the Parks people found this bird and posted it last week, didn’t they?

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