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Happy New Year! Now Dial 911.

I just wanted to wish theloop all the best for the New Year.
Oddly, my neighbors find that ringing in the new year requires a call to the local police force to complain about noise at 130am.  For six years, not a word from them about much of anything, not a welcome, not a pie, not a “welcome to the neighborhood”.  But tonight, to wish us good tidings in this holiday season, rather than looking up our publicly listed number to ask us to keep it down in case we were making more noise than we should, the chose to spend taxpayer money to signal their neighborliness…
What’s become of us that we can’t even handle the most elemental social interaction with neighbors?  When did having some fun on New Year’s eve become something worthy of a call to the cops?  How do neighbors who never bother to speak to anyone most of the year, feel it appropriate to speak to their neighbor through the intermediary of the police force whose job it is to keep drunk drivers off the road or stop violent crime?
I’m saddened by this turn of event.  The puritanical anonymity which characterizes our society is shameful. Why not invest in a phone call or in a visit next door to get to know your neighbor?  What’s become of the “welcome to the neighborhood” apple pie?
Let’s resolve in the New Year to get to know our neighbors.  Let’s promise ourselves not to handle though the police a matter that social beings typically handle with a face to face conversation or at worst a phone call.
I live at 33 Byron Lane and my number is 9148341640.  If anyone wants to get in touch with me about my lawn, my fence, noise at my dinner parties, grass length or just to say hello should feel free to call me.

Save 911 for moments that matter.
Happy New Year,
Mischa Zabotin

photo: Garry Knight


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10 years ago

irisblau, wow thats pretty cold. 1:30 on new years eve is not all that late even for regular folk…not just “frat row”. WAAAAAY out of line? NO. and to suggest a different place to live based on this is just….brrrrr!!! cold!

we have livednin our house for almost two decades. never had interactions with our neighbors. well except for the two weeks after our first son was born and next door high school girl had her friend pick her upto go to school….said friend leaned on the horn of her newly gifted beemer until girl came out and thisnwould tqke twenty minutes or more. havoc ensued in my house. so…when we politely asked her to tone down the horn the gal ranted that we should get off property that is not ours and mind our own business…she threw in some choice verbs and adjectives thqt i will not reprint here. THIS is Larchmont???. our car got egged at mc donalds one halloween eve. funny? i guess. but the egg could have (and almost DID) hit a passenger thru an open window. cops told us FAT CHANCE of getting the perps becaus this is LARCHMONT….kids get a free ride. how pathetic is that?

sorry but these things to me are NOT acceptable. new years eve is NOT the time to call police on your next door neighbor for overly lasting festivities. Ask them to tone it down if you are feeling particularly scroogeful and i am quite sure compliance and apology would quickly ensue. and very likely some goodwill.

dont tell good folk to get out. rather, tqke a good hard look at y

10 years ago

Let’s break down your experience into a couple of different pieces:

First off, you’re experience relative to not being welcomed is unfortunately pretty typical. Let me share the other side of that coin. My wife and I live in Rouken Glen. When we were a young couple no one ever welcomed us. On the other hand when new neighbors moved in we always extended ourselves with an introduction, handshake and a bottle of wine. What you are describing is not really a Larchmont quality; it is more a function of the individual family’s mindset.

With regard to the noise and police: My opinion is that 1:30 AM is WAY too late to be impacting adjacent neighbors with noise. Byron Lane is not “Frat Row”. Midnight noise? sure. 12:30 am noise? OK – understandable. 1:30 am noise? You are waaaaaay out of line. It might be that you are a little too young for the community. Your neighbors have their own lives and it is quite possible that you were keeping them (and their children)up. That’s not your right and to be blunt we don’t live here for that kind of nonsense.

With regard to the police: There is no reason that your neighbors should have to be in a position to have to call you in the first place(as outlined above). After all; you weren’t too concerned about making them uncomfortable; why would they go out of their way to accomadate your feelings? Many people just don’t want to be part of a confrontion.

In that case it is their right to have local authorities intervene. A little cold perhaps, but again; that may have been more comfortable for them. I might have done the same to be frank.

The overall tone of your letter suggests to me that another kind of community might be more comfortable for you. Not a put-down; just a thought.

10 years ago

well hello neighbor! and happy new year! i hope the police shared in a bit of the happiness of your celebration and left you with a smile and a wink. we share much the same story. we have lived here almost 15 years now and have yet to be welcomed to the neighborhood by those who live houses away. those we did actually meet were due to mis delivered mail or curiousity about what was going on with renovation or activity ie., nosiness. westchester people, i have found, are typically cold and keep to their own well established circles. i grew up in a place where kids went out into the neighborhood after school. all moms knew each other and all moms kept qn eye on what went on. when dinner was ready, mom would call and we would come home. at the end of our performances, sporting event etc, the parents would cheer asif it were the olympics gold being won. here? parents politely and quietly clap, as ive mentioned previously, as if they were at a pricey fundraising dinner in a museum. Its no wonder that local schools have psycholgists who are completely immersed in treating stress disorders of children in elementary school.

i am as sad for you as i am for myself with the westchester experience. but i so love your suggestion and i look forward to dropping by 33 byron lane with an apple pie! in an ideal world, you will be so inundated with these pies tht you will need to arrange a block party to enjoy them.

10 years ago

Welcome and hearty best wishes for the new year!

Sorry to say, the “neighbors” have been moving out as #1 in property taxes encourage only K-12’er and 1%-er’s moving Larchmont up to #49.

“Careful. We don’t want to learn from this.”
– Bill Watterson

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