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Famby Sentenced for “Commuter Robberies”

Harrison Station


 Olivier Famby, 21, of New Rochelle (aka the “Commuter Robber”) was sentenced today to thirteen years in prison.

It was a story that had train commuters, their friends and relatives (ie all of us) pretty scared for several months in early 2012. Five communities had been robbed at gunpoint by the “commuter robber” while each walked at night, most of them coming home from a train station in the evening:

  • on 1/12/12 –  in Pelham,
  • on 1/17/12 –  Town of Mamaroneck
  • on 1/29/12 – New Rochelle, two victims,
  • on 1/31/12 –  Pelham,
  • on 2/09/12 – Village of Mamaroneck,
  • on 2/09/12 – Harrison,
  • on 3/28/12 – Pelham,
  • on 4/09/12 – Harrison
olivier famby
Olivier Famby

Famby  pled guilty back in May to 9 counts of robbery, one charge of assault, criminal possession of a weapon, and criminal possession of stolen property.

Famby was finally caught April 27, 2012 in Pelham when police found him in an illegally parked car.

The firearm had been reported stolen out of Pennsylvania in 2011.

“Alert policing by a police officer on routine patrol ended a robbery spree targeting Westchester commuters that was becoming increasingly more violent,” said District Attorney Janet DiFiore after the defendant pled guilty. “Although some of the robberies occurred late at night, others were in the evening with the victims walking home from train stations, emphasizing why one should always be mindful of their surroundings and not focused on texting or talking on the phone.”

The defendant faced a maximum sentence of twenty five years in state prison.

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