Glen Island- New Rochelle’s Historic Summer Past Time


Glen Island Castle, New Rochelle – June Marie Sobrito


Glen Island, New Rochelle, is a lovely county park accessing the Long Island Sound, and one which has a fascinating history.

With summer unofficially begun, there is an interesting piece about Glen Island, New Rochelle’s glory days in The Daily Beast,  when ” Glen Island had grown to occupy seven small islands connected by pedestrian bridges.”   It was a 19th Century theme park.

plaque that can still be found in the area describes the layout of the amusement park, and many beautiful ruins remain, including those of a German beer garden.

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One thought on “Glen Island- New Rochelle’s Historic Summer Past Time

  1. I found some old family photos recently, dated 1962. I definitely remember going to Glen Island as a young child. My question: were people able to rent rowboats then? There’s a photo of 3 of the men in my family in a boat–was it there?

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