Geese Euthanized in Larchmont Gardens


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The Town of Mamaroneck confirms the USDA euthanized a number of Canada Geese on and around the Duck Pond in Larchmont Gardens early Wednesday morning.

“Private residents of the Larchmont Gardens neighborhood contracted with the USDA to remove the geese,” said a spokesperson for the Town. “It is a private contract, the Town just allowed them on Town property.”

Wildlife agents were out in kayaks rounding up the animals in the wee hours and loading them into trucks, according to officials.

photo: Stacey Yonkus

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In May, the Larchmont Gardens Civic Association group met with USDA APHIS Wildlife Services representative Tyler DeLisle, according to the Larchmont Gardens website, about concerns it had about the geese.

Many communities in the U.S. eradicate or relocate the animals because of their waste, and their consumption of some grasses and plants.

Attempts to reach members of the board of the association were unsuccessful.

“This isn’t the way to go. If they want them to go away they should pick them up and take them somewhere else, we do not believe that they should euthanize them,” said Doug Bloom, Vice-President of Bronx River Sound Shore Audubon Society, which includes this area.Doug Bloom lives in Larchmont Gardens.

Reaction was swift on social media. TheLoop Facebook page received comments from people on both sides.

“Inappropriate and just wrong,” posted one resident. “So many humane ways they could handle the situation. Shame on them.”

“’ll be there at 5 a.m. looking to help….I hate geese,” wrote another.

New York State has a policy of not relocating wildlife, only private companies can do that.

Q and A Sheet on goose removal from USDA

Update: a citizen says she spoke withTyler DeLisle of the USDA, who said that a private group of residents contracted them to remove the geese due to “damage management” — i.e. droppings on the property, water contamination, molting, e. coli, etc. Apparently the residents have tried other methods and have not been able to keep the geese away.

Canada Geese, Mamaroneck (file photo)

40 thoughts on “Geese Euthanized in Larchmont Gardens

  1. Everyone needs to stop calling it “euthanized” implying that they were in some way suffering and it was an act of mercy …they were rounded up and KILLED.

    The problem is not Geese, its Humans. The have been migrating and calling these places home for thousands of years!! Now it’s “your” neighborhood ant they are the intruders …right.
    And how much “poop” and household garbage do you litter this planet with every day?

    • Agreed. Similar situation with the coyotes. Can’t euthanize everything. We need to learn how to live together, with animals and nature alike. WWJD

    Comments containing personal attacks are deleted. We do not work hard to break news in this community to air haters’ withering and anonymous attacks against each other.
    Polly Kreisman

  3. Ok everyone,

    My wife and I live in Maryland, and recently relocated here from the Midwest. We are nature lovers, and purchased a beautiful 4 acre estate with a shared 4 acre neighborhood pond. We are the only home whose property is on the waterfront. We have never seen so much wildlife, we have a beaver in the pond, bald eagle nest in the neighborhood, fox and deer on the property, and it is very serene. What ruins it all is that we can’t walk outside our house on any of our acres of land in bare feet, due to the migratory geese and resident geese. An adult goose excretes 2-3 pounds of filth per day, and in the winter we have between 350-400 geese on our pond on any given day. In the Summer, the number drops to about 75. An acre of water can safely support habitat for roughly 6-8 geese, so at any given time there are 2.5 to 10 times the geese that can be supported by the habitat. What happens in the winter is that all our acres are eaten down to the dirt, and the 1,000 pounds a day of goose excrement mixes into both our yard, and our pond, creating a disgusting cocktail of sludge.

    We didn’t know any of this when we moved in, and we are working on solutions to this situation. While I do hunt, it is illegal to hunt geese in MD outside the season. I already spent $7,000 to plant a line of shrubs on the 500 foot beach we own, as a barrier to them walking out of the water and onto our lawn. Now, they dont walk out onto our yard, they walk out somewhere else, come down our driveway excreeting the whole way, and eat our property. We don’t want to get a dog, but we may have to. We are also thinking of putting a fountain in the pond so that it dissuades them from landing. They have already poisoned our well water with bacteria once, there just isnt enough land surrounding our well to filter out all the bacteria. We are tired of having to wash off a hundred pounds of goose poop from our 600 foot driveway every other day.

    We are at our wits end, how do we coexist with an over population of geese on our property. Its demoralizing, disgusting and infuriating. We love nature, but until you have lived in this situation, you cant appreciate how dire the situation makes you feel.

    • What the heck has that got to do with us, Maryland man? This is a local website for local people. Go eat a crab.

      • My point, sir is that this is not just your problem, its a National problem. If we share in the dialogue regionally, we may share in the solution locally. Open your mind.

    • I find it extremely hard to believe that you had no idea that the property you bought had a large number of geese!! Where were they all hiding?
      Sad that they are a problem but this generation with the quick fix, no matter what the result is for others, is not morally acceptable!!
      If we have neighbors or other individuals that are in our space or an annoyance, shall we use the quick fix on them as well? Thou shall not kill. Pain and simple.
      Please continue to try safe, natural methods to encourage your original property owners to move on.

      • Kristy,

        Unfortunately, we purchased the property in September, when the migratory geese were back North. We viewed the property all three times after making advance appointments, and apparently they hired a border collie service so scare the resident geese away during showings. From talking with neighbors, the geese weren’t the original residents, they showed up to stay once the first owners of our estate started feeding them, now they and all their progeny come back. Its a big nuisance that I inherited. This Summer, three mated pairs created 30 chicks that are mostly grown. The eagles and foxes are only preying on our lesser scaups (diving ducks), not on the geese.

    • The problem is not Geese, its Humans. The have been migrating and calling these places home for thousands of years!! Now it’s “your” property and “your”neighborhood ant they are the intruders …right.
      And how much “poop” and household garbage do you litter this planet with every day?
      You don’t love nature, you love managed pieces of nature that fit neatly into your lifestyle.

      • That’s an interesting comment, Lisa. Agreed that we are humans that need to coexist with our environment. When you think about it, I bet you too love managed pieces of nature that fit neatly into your human lifestyle. If you are willing to drink and bathe in green water, because your well has been fouled by goose poop and bacteria, then you might appreciate my point because that happened to me. I bet you prefer clean water like I do.

    • I can empathize with your situation, but what we’re talking about here is around 20 geese in total, who occupy a pond on town property, with a busy public road acting as a divider between about six houses. All of these home owners would have certainly been aware that geese have been residing at this pond for decades, if not a century. The removal of the geese was done without any public forum for debate under a veil of secrecy. This, in a town where you need board approval to do just about anything, and are required to notify all neighbors within a huge radius about any intentions to do so.
      It is a sad state of affairs when a few people get to dictate an outcome over the opinion of the majority.
      My advice to you is to get that dog and solve your own problem.

  4. Tell me, do they think other geese will not settle there? Are they going to “cull” them all? What about the robins that poop on their cars? Maybe they need to be “culled” also?

  5. WTAF? Do these people not understand that other species also have the right to live??? And why couldn’t they just relocate them instead of killing them???

  6. The kill arm of the US Department of Agriculture, “Wildlife Services,” is out of control and should be shut down. That agency kills, often using the most barbaric methods, millions of wild creatures each year throughout the country. Its campaign against Canada Geese is unrelenting and based on sophistries–see links in the attached petition. Geese are known to be highly intelligent, sensitive creatures, loyal mates, and superlative parents. They are a joy for many. If USDA/Wildlife Services’ barbarism disgusts you, please sign and share this petition …

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