Geese Euthanized in Larchmont Gardens


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The Town of Mamaroneck confirms the USDA euthanized a number of Canada Geese on and around the Duck Pond in Larchmont Gardens early Wednesday morning.

“Private residents of the Larchmont Gardens neighborhood contracted with the USDA to remove the geese,” said a spokesperson for the Town. “It is a private contract, the Town just allowed them on Town property.”

Wildlife agents were out in kayaks rounding up the animals in the wee hours and loading them into trucks, according to officials.

photo: Stacey Yonkus

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In May, the Larchmont Gardens Civic Association group met with USDA APHIS Wildlife Services representative Tyler DeLisle, according to the Larchmont Gardens website, about concerns it had about the geese.

Many communities in the U.S. eradicate or relocate the animals because of their waste, and their consumption of some grasses and plants.

Attempts to reach members of the board of the association were unsuccessful.

“This isn’t the way to go. If they want them to go away they should pick them up and take them somewhere else, we do not believe that they should euthanize them,” said Doug Bloom, Vice-President of Bronx River Sound Shore Audubon Society, which includes this area.Doug Bloom lives in Larchmont Gardens.

Reaction was swift on social media. TheLoop Facebook page received comments from people on both sides.

“Inappropriate and just wrong,” posted one resident. “So many humane ways they could handle the situation. Shame on them.”

“’ll be there at 5 a.m. looking to help….I hate geese,” wrote another.

New York State has a policy of not relocating wildlife, only private companies can do that.

Q and A Sheet on goose removal from USDA

Update: a citizen says she spoke withTyler DeLisle of the USDA, who said that a private group of residents contracted them to remove the geese due to “damage management” — i.e. droppings on the property, water contamination, molting, e. coli, etc. Apparently the residents have tried other methods and have not been able to keep the geese away.

Canada Geese, Mamaroneck (file photo)

40 thoughts on “Geese Euthanized in Larchmont Gardens

    • The ‘correct’ term, legally and scientifically, is probably culling.

      But I don’t imagine Patty would have liked that term either. I think euthanasia is a term that gives the process more weight (i.e. the act of killing), but it typically refers to a type of palliative care, and not culling.

      The animals factually, legally, scientifically, and linguistically – were killed.

  1. Do you eat poultry? What is the difference? Probably had better lives than most ducks and chickens prior to being killed.

    • We tend to assign more moral value to wild animals than to captive, domesticated animals reared for food – misguided as that distinction is.

    • the difference is there are so many permanent ways to control geese .. they will come back next year. the difference is the geese are in a community with a pond..why have a pond. the difference is there is a humane way by putting a solution in the pond that is safe but the geese dont like it. the difference is the are very family oriented animals that some residents love…like I said you don’t want geese get rid of your ponds. shame on all. of you really. some ridiculous garden club want to save the grass and have the necks snapped on the geese..good grief get a life. …read this and learn ..what a bunch of armatures there is site called geese peace.
      What do you say to people who claim that when geese are harassed out of one area into another, they simply become a problem for someone else? — Sharon Pawlak, Medford, N.J.

      I say to them, “You’re asking the wrong question.” And I hear this one a lot. Introducing a border collie to harass geese is actually changing the environment. It makes it a place where the geese don’t want to stay or feel safe. There are other ways to change the environment at the site, like draining a pond or building a high-rise. Using a border collie to flush the geese has the same effect, but is more environmentally friendly. Also, there are plenty of places geese can go where they do not cause conflicts with people and recreational facilities.

      I’ve heard that goose poop is “poison” and somehow defiles our drinking water. What’s the story here? — Lee Wallace, Greensboro, N.C.

      Goose poop is just digested grass. If there are poisons or dangerous bacteria in the environment and the geese eat it, it will likely show up in the poop. Getting rid of the geese does not change the fact that the poisons were in the environment in the first place.

  2. How sad that for absolutely no reason beautiful creatures that share our world were killed. There has never ever been e-coli from geese and their “poop” is biodegradable. More importantly, there is not one reason in the world to kill the geese-if they are not wanted, there are tried and true safe methods to move them along. I often wonder why people live near lakes or ponds as they do draw beautiful birds, geese and other wildlife which many people find beautiful and add to the charm of the area. As Pres. of a Humane Society for 23 years, I saw and dealt with many people who view other species as unwanted and have nothing to offer us. I feel sorry for these people as they are missing out on knowing the joy of having a loving pet and also the wondrous beauty of wildlife living their lives as nature intended–being family members, Mothers, friends to each other. All living creatures love their lives, feel pain and joy just as we do.

  3. I’m for the killing. Filth and E. coli for your babies to play in? Eradicate with extreme predudice.

    • Well then let’s eradicate people that polluteven our oceans with their trash , let’s get rid of big companies that pollute our drinking waters , let’s get rid people like you who think wildlife is disposable because they inconvenience you .

  4. I’m surprised that a member of the Sound Shore Audubon Society does not know that the NYS Department of Environmental Conservation “generally does not allow relocation of geese with or without a permit.”

    So moving the geese elsewhere does not appear to be an option in NYS.

  5. How INHUMANE and unnecessary with some many options. This is HORRIBLE and an investigation should be prompted for accountability. SHAME ON YOU Larchmont Garden Civic Association members!

    • agreed Larchmont Gardens club should have a shirt that says save the grass kill the geese ..what a bunch of ninnies…..hey they saved a pansy!!!

      • If these sick subhumans that had these gees slaughtered didn’t like them then they shouldn’t live by a pond. Disgusting..

  6. This is so sad. We are charged with protection of those less fortunate and dependent on us for our humanity. I feel a deep pain in the pit of my stomach for this waste and loss. They were only simple beings, part of the chain of life and those who think they know more but who really care less use their “intelligence” to destroy instead of using that gift to make a greater plan. We can only pray for their future enlightenment.

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