Geese Euthanized in Larchmont Gardens


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The Town of Mamaroneck confirms the USDA euthanized a number of Canada Geese on and around the Duck Pond in Larchmont Gardens early Wednesday morning.

“Private residents of the Larchmont Gardens neighborhood contracted with the USDA to remove the geese,” said a spokesperson for the Town. “It is a private contract, the Town just allowed them on Town property.”

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Wildlife agents were out in kayaks rounding up the animals in the wee hours and loading them into trucks, according to officials.

photo: Stacey Yonkus

In May, the Larchmont Gardens Civic Association group met with USDA APHIS Wildlife Services representative Tyler DeLisle, according to the Larchmont Gardens website, about concerns it had about the geese.

Many communities in the U.S. eradicate or relocate the animals because of their waste, and their consumption of some grasses and plants.

Attempts to reach members of the board of the association were unsuccessful.

“This isn’t the way to go. If they want them to go away they should pick them up and take them somewhere else, we do not believe that they should euthanize them,” said Doug Bloom, Vice-President of Bronx River Sound Shore Audubon Society, which includes this area.Doug Bloom lives in Larchmont Gardens.

Reaction was swift on social media. TheLoop Facebook page received comments from people on both sides.

“Inappropriate and just wrong,” posted one resident. “So many humane ways they could handle the situation. Shame on them.”

“’ll be there at 5 a.m. looking to help….I hate geese,” wrote another.

New York State has a policy of not relocating wildlife, only private companies can do that.

Q and A Sheet on goose removal from USDA

Update: a citizen says she spoke withTyler DeLisle of the USDA, who said that a private group of residents contracted them to remove the geese due to “damage management” — i.e. droppings on the property, water contamination, molting, e. coli, etc. Apparently the residents have tried other methods and have not been able to keep the geese away.

Canada Geese, Mamaroneck (file photo)

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Arlene Steinberg

As someone who works with communities to help them find humane management methods to lower and limit Canada Goose populations, I can tell you that there are a number of things that can be done and are successful. It is critical to use several modalities – about 3 or 4 – in combination for the best results. In almost every case where humane efforts were unsuccessful in limiting the problem, it is because only ONE method is used and not done correctly or done long enough. Landscape modification, egg oiling, lasers, site aversion, dogs – there is a plethora of… Read more »

Mike M

Geese have wings. They don’t relocate very well.
Essentially, to have a vibrant ecosystem, the top predator has to do its job. Life is messy. Deer and geese are nice to look at until they become too numerous, and then they are too numerous and you have biological issues. And every place that could support animals is already filled with animals.