Fryer Fat Fouls Mamaroneck River and Harbor

Fryer Fat Spill

Lou Young

Contractor collects cooking fat in Mamaroneck Harbor

A spill from an overturned tanker truck on I-95 sent hundreds of gallons of cooking oil and fat into the Mamaroneck River Tuesday evening prompting a clean-up effort that stretched all the way to Harbor Island Park.

The truck flipped around 6:30pm injuring the driver and creating a torrent of light brown gunk that congealed on the surface of the water sticking to the shoreline and pleasure boat hulls in Mamaroneck Harbor.

Grease cleanup on Mamaroneck River at Columbus Park

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Village of Mamaroneck Fire Chief Peter Primrose says a cleanup crew has been hired to suck up the mess and mused that it could’ve been worse. “It’s not like it’s petroleum,” he said, “it’s organic based oil and it’s unpleasant but it doesn’t seem to be a large environment hazard.”

An inspector from the NY State DEC was on site monitoring the clean-up. The spill left a dull sheen on the Mamaroneck River at Columbus Park and the brown scum in the Harbor held in place by the incoming tide.

Chief Primrose says he expects the cost of the clean-up will be billed to the trucking company that owns the tanker or it’s insurance company.

Cooking Oil spill response

Lou Young

Village of Mamaroneck first responders in Harbor Island Park Wednesday morning

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