Former Larchmont Mayor Arrested for Drug Possession


Former Larcmont Mayor Joshua Mandel, 2012


Former Larchmont Mayor Josh Mandell was arrested on drug charges during a routine traffic stop in Larchmont. According to Village of Larchmont Police, the arrest took place at 1:08am on June 17.

Police say he was driving eastbound on Boston Post Road 50 mph in a 35 mph zone.

The vehicle’s registration had been suspended and he was taken into custody for what is an “unclassified misdemeanor,” according to Capt. Antonino Rigano.

During an inventory search of the vehicle officers discovered a white powder substance that was presumed to be illegal drugs. The evidence has been sent to the County Crime lab for testing.

The former mayor was held at Village Hall until an evening arraignment where he was released on $2500 bail.

Mandell served as Larchmont’s mayor from 2010-2012, and still lives on Park Ave. in Larchmont.

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4 thoughts on “Former Larchmont Mayor Arrested for Drug Possession

  1. Heard he was heading back from a rendezvous at Cellar Bar. That’s where the powderhorns are filled locally.

  2. Loop,


    What gives you the right to “out” an arrest of one resident of this Village if you don’t post the arrests of every resident (and state what street they live on)?

    I assure you that I have ZERO connection to the person that was the subject of your outing.

    • From the reporter:
      A simple answer to your query: The First Amendment gives the right; It is not limited to journalists, you have it as well. The arrest is public; The defendant, being a former Mayor, is public figure (although that is not essential in this instance). As for past policy we have been in discussion with the Village Police about the nature of public records and the very essence of what is “public information.” In addition we did not “out” the arrested resident because, sadly, we did not “break” the story (although that is a circumstance we plan to rectify in other matters as we go forward) We were following up and correcting the record (That the initial arrest was for a suspended registration NOT driving without a license as reported elsewhere). The suspect is presumed innocent, but the charge has been made. It will be resolved in public. Thanks for your interest

    • What planet did you just come in from Long Time Resident? A former mayor is not just any Joe Citizen. Prominence, especially elective office, brings more scrutiny. Those are the rules and practices of generations. Sorry you are angry at the First Amendment. I bet you even consider yourself an expert on the U.S. Constitution.

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