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For Larchmont Merchants, Construction is the Grinch

Chatsworth Ave., Monday
Chatsworth Ave., Monday

“We are trying desperately to recoup lost revenue during this most important time of year.”

This is typical of the notes that have been coming into Larchmont Mayor Anne McAndrews’ inbox. This one is from Gregg O’Brien, the owner of Winetasters of Larchmont, at 100 Chatsworth Avenue:

“Pls get the police out immediately to stop the work being done on Chatsworth right now (Sunday.)  We have had enough of the disruptions and lack of oversight by the VOL and we are trying desperately to recoup lost revenue during this most important time of year.”

Later, O’Brien writes,

“I took it upon myself to go out there and tell the construction guys they have to pack up and leave – that they do not have permission to work on Chatsworth until after the New Year. ENOUGH IS ENOUGH we’ve been hurt enough. ”

Abbie Durkin, the Owner at Clutch, 1903 Palmer Avenue, says the Mayor promised the construction, part of the embattled Streetscape project, was to be halted until Spring.

“It obviously isn’t true…(the Mayor) doesn’t understand how vital the last few days, particularly the weekend, leading up to Christmas is to the survival of our businesses.”

The Mayor tells theLoop, “The Village’s priority was to open up all the parking that had been closed off by construction.  That meant that the open spaces on the sidewalk side of the curb had to be filled in order to be safe for those exiting the vehicles and pedestrians.  That goal was met on Friday.    A small area which does not impact parking will be bricked in on Monday.  That will end the construction.”

But Monday morning, merchants say, the construction had begun again and parking spaces that should be available to shoppers were blocked by construction vehicles.

Durkin then wrote again to the Mayor, saying “It’s a mess. This is a disaster. How could you do this to us!? You just went on the record saying no parking was taken up and that is completely untrue.”

Stay tuned. And please try to shop local.


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December 22, 2014 1:21 PM

Unfortunately for the wine store, Clutch, & all the other merchants in the Palmer & Chatsworth vicinity, we did not have a prayer that our Mayor would come to our aid & get this project finished. The entire process was a joke as well as taking away valuable parking that has put an economic hurt on all. What our great mayor does not understand is that once you lose revenue from a disruption like the one she created, is that you can’t recoup the monies lost. It’s Gone!!!! On behalf of all the merchants that lost their shirts this Fall, thank you Mayor Ann for a horrific try at playing project manager. You should truly be ashamed of your lies & lack of help to the people that keep this town alive. You should think about resigning before the spring in order to give the rest of the merchants on Palmer avenue a chance to not lose their business’s when construction starts up again.

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