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Fitness Coaching Can Be Great for Older Adults

There is now an abundance of online programming marketed to the avid gym buff. Videos and infomercials offering the latest gadget or app with beach body workouts are seemingly everywhere.

What about the people that just want to move well and feel good? What about the older generation that might be uncomfortable in a big box crowded gym? Or those who are not looking to fit into a bikini this summer?

Five great reasons for older adults to try virtual fitness coaching:

  1. Virtual personal trainers offer a human connection which can be vital for mental health during these social distancing times. Virtual training can also be done with friends. This can create a much-needed sense of community that many people might be missing at this time.
  2. Most older populations have been extensively using apps such as Zoom or FaceTime for everything from doctor visits to keeping connected with family. No new technology skills need to be learned.
  3. Strength training is vital to the aging population, so even if you don’t have access to a gym you can work in your home with minimal or no equipment. Small spaces are not an issue, if you can find room for a yoga mat you are all set.
  4. Virtual training with a live person is a lot more engaging than a pre-recorded generic video. In-person offers the extra benefit of live interaction with someone who genuinely cares about your wellbeing. An older client might have an injury and may need to have someone who can cue them with exercise regressions or progressions as appropriate.

If you’re considering virtual training, now may be the best time to start.

Elaine Studdert is a certified personal trainer at HealthyFit in Mamaroneck

photo: IHRSA

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