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Family Favs: restaurant listings & reviews…

theLoop rates kid friendly eats.



AJ’s Burgers and America’s Favorite Foods  We recently discovered this fun family restaurant in New Rochelle. Good classic American fare and wraps…with an average check of under $10. they’ll bring dough to the table for kiddies to make their own weirdly shaped bread.  542 North Avenue, New Rochelle, NY  914.235.3009.


Anthony’s (from LOOP reader Jesse M.): Anthony’s Deli is the perfect place to pick up a sandwich for lunch. Always overflowing (the sandwich), get exactly what you want–and I don’t know anyone who can resist the chicken parm sandwich.   619 Halstead Avenue, Mamaroneck.


Augies  Big plates; family style Italian. Lots of regulars. 2417 Boston Post Road, Larchmont. 914.834.3800.  (see comments below)



The Barnacle BBQ   The Barnacle is an unpretentious, comfortable casual spot with really good food and an owner who tries his hardest to please. TV screens for sports. Menus on their website .  181 E Boston Post Road Mamaroneck NY 10543  914.777.6610


Bellizzi    People are somehow drawn here by the playroom, but a once decent diversion for kids is now a video game arcade on steroids. A mini- New Roc City. Be prepared to spend the night digging for quarters. We don’t think the food here is worth the stress. 1262 Boston Post Road, Larchmont. 914.833.5800.


Chat 19  Good cocktails, reliable food. Same family owns Lusardi’s. Getting very bridge and tunnel on weekend nights, and can get 4 deep at the bar. Come to think of it, you do have to cross a bridge to get here… 19 Chatsworth Avenue, Larchmont. 914.833.8871.


East Avenue Cafe  Good coffee, good food and friendly service at the counter. Just be prepared for the owner’s sense of humor (“Is that your grandchild?” he asked a young woman about her baby) A wall of candy by the pound. 2 East Avenue, Larchmont.

Harbour House Coffee Shop  A dying breed. Old school greasy spoon.Go for the atmosphere and bacon and
eggs. 1927 Palmer Avenue, Larchmont.


Harry’s Burritos  Offshoot of locations in Manhattan.  The margaritas are much better than the food. Plenty of options for vegetarians. Love the chili pepper string lights.   94 Chatsworth Avenue, Larchmont . 914.833.2222.


Hubba (from LOOP reader Jesse M.):There are no words to describe HUBBA in Port Chester. The ONLY place to go in Westchester for the ultimate late night indulgence. Be sure to order your Hubba Water, ‘cuz that chilli is HOT!  24 North Main St. Port Chester.



Larchmont Diner  Not bad, but we prefer Nautilus Diner for the food and atmosphere. 2399 Boston Post Road, Larchmont.  914.833.2062


Larchmont Tavern  Local bar with a long tradition. Recent change of ownership; much better food. Still crazy after all these years.   104 Chatsworth Avenue, Larchmont. 914.834.9821.

Leonardo’s   Part pizzeria, part deli, it’s alll good.   2133 Palmer Avenue, Larchmont.914.833-2400.


Longford’s Own Made Ice Cream   Under friendly management, no longer same o
wners as Rye location. Ice cream is priced by weight. Good frozen yogurt.New birthday party area. We all scream! 
  1941 Palmer Avenue, Larchmont.  914. 834.0207.


Los Gemelos Restaurant and Tortilleria: (from LOOP reader Petra P): For an authentic taco made with a freshly baked tortilla or a delicious chicken mole, head to the no-frills Los Gemelos in Portchester.  After dinner, check out the selection of huge amazing ice pops at Paleteria Fernandez. 167 Westchester Avenue,  Port Chester, NY (914) 934-0372 


Mamaroneck Diner    Fast service. Super kid friendly.  Extensive menu.  Especially good soups and salads. They deliver.  405 East  Boston Post Road, Mamaroneck. 914.698-3564.


Metro Deli  Am I the last person to discover this place? A really good family style deli. Owned by the same people as the Metro Diner on Central Avenue in White Plains. Across from Balducci’s in Scarsdale.      4 Palmer Ave Scarsdale. 914. 472-4760


Nautilus Diner Good, reliable and better than basic. 1240 West Boston Post Road Mamaroneck. 914.833-1320


Nicky’s Pizza  Good pizza, negative atmosphere. Nicky’s is to Murray kids what Villa Maria is to Chatsworth. Get a slice and try the garlic knots.  144 Chatsworth Avenue, Larchmont.  914.834.3232.


Paleteria Fernandez This gem for those in the know may have the best ice cream anywhere, but it’s not like any you’ve seen before. Authentic Mexican pops are milk or water based with flavors like mango, avocado and caramel. then they can dip them in chocolate, coconut,  etc…. Mamaroneck Avenue, Mamaroneck and 33 North Main Street, Port Chester,

Ray’s  Best Chinese food in the area.All natural. If only they delivered. Try a “bird’s nest,” crunchy noodles, for the kids.  1995 Palmer Avenue, Larchmont. 914.833.2551. 



Sal’s Pizzeria  How on earth we forgot about Sal’s (see comment below) we will never understand. Pizza Nirvana. Sicilian and Salad pizza top rated. 316 Mamaroneck Avenue. Mamaroneck. 914. 381.2022.


Sherwood’s Classic Larchmont pub.  Very good bar-b-que, burgers and large salads.  If you are a fan of wings or ribs, you have to try them here.  10-cent wings at the bar Monday nights.  Two crowds for dinner: one early with kids (6-8pm) and a later night crowd (after 10pm).  2136 Boston Post Road, Larchmont.



Stan’Z Cafe  A-List mommy crowd. Excellent sandwiches and salads.  Breakfast and lunch only.  Can get packed on weekends.26 Chatsworth Avenue, Larchmont. 914.833.9760.


Tequila Sunrise  The best guacamole anywhere. And those margaritas….Nice sidewalk tables in good weather.   145 Larchmont Avenue, Larchmont. 914.834.637. tequilasunrise


Toyo Sushi   One of best sushis the area.  (Though people like Koo in Rye.)   Casual, friendly, pretty fast service.  Great for a weeknight.  Good value.   They do a lot of take out business, and they deliver. The acoustics are awful, but  no one will care if your kids are noisy.  253 Mamaroneck Ave, Mamaroneck. 914.777-8696. toyosushi 


Villa Maria Pizza  Reliable convenient pizza joint with plenty of seating. Beer available. (see Nicky’s) 6 Chatsworth Avenue, Larchmont. 914.834-8134.


Walter’s Hot Dog Stand Since 1919. Ranked the #1 hot dog in the Country by Gourmet  in 2001. Opens at 11:30 am daily and 11:45 am Sunday.  937 Palmer Avenue, Mamaroneck. waltershotdogs 



Wraps and Things   Wrap it up! Deli serving wrap sandwiches. Good value. Grab a table and read the paper. Nice light-filled spot. 1936 Palmer Avenue, Larchmont. 914.833-7656.



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September 1, 2010 1:07 PM

Harbour House I call it Mouse House.

September 1, 2010 1:03 PM

Hey everyone! Check out Gervasi on Central Ave in White Plains. Great Sunday Brunch.
Medditerrean Atmosphere. Need Reservations.

August 30, 2010 3:59 PM

Red Plum in Mamaroneck has great Sushi, and Chef Special Rolls

August 30, 2010 3:22 PM

Speaking of the worst Pizza and italian food Modern Pizza in New Rochelle.
Leonardos is good stuff

May 7, 2010 5:19 PM

The NY Pizza Station on Halstead Ave. in Harrison has delicious food and very good pizza’s…you can sit down and enjoy the extensive menu or have the food delivered!!I’ve used them when the whole family comes over (10 people)and everything arrives perfectly packed..(.HOT)…. there are never any left-overs!!!!!

Had HOT wedges delivered for lunch,French fries and a big salad….and there were AHHHHH’S all around.Try the pepper & egg with sausage and the Philly steak with onions , cheese and peppers!!!
Now,when the gang is coming over,the deal is,”I’m ordering from the Station Pizza so what’s your pleasure????”….and everyone is happy!!!!!

Home slice
Home slice
March 15, 2010 8:54 PM

OK, seriously..SERIOUSLY, what is with the blind adoration of Sal’s Pizza? Folks, this place is living on a legacy, but its all hype. The usual cowd of lemmings goes there, ignorant that its simply not very good anymore. Indifferent and impersonal people behind the counter; cold and poorly reheated slices. What, you’re doing me a favor by giving me a corner slice, or making a slice well-done instead of spongy? Its PIZZA fellas, nothing more and for that we should be grateful for what you toss at us? Stop. This place is filled with nasty hacks and the blind people that go there.

Another Townie
Another Townie
March 15, 2010 7:40 PM

Any other locals sick of the manhattan yuppies ripping apart all of their favorites? First of all if you go to Bellizi, it’s probably not going to be as service oriented as you seem to expect. It’s a kids place; handle it. Tequila Sunrise is what it is, good frozen drinks some picky food and a party scene in the summer. Done. Chat 19, best thing to happen to Larchmont in the past 5 years. If you don’t want to see kids go at night. And as far as this bridge and tunnel crowd…. ummmm which bridge and/or tunnel are you writing about? Could you be more snooty?snotty? New Rochelle is still westchester.
Really Nicky’s no atmosphere? I guess you haven’t said hello to any of the guys behind the counter lately. As far as i’ve seen, nothing but smiles. Villa Maria horrible?! I’ve been eating their pizza for twenty years, maybe it’s just you. PEOPLE listen up: sometimes there are bugs in restaurants. Sometimes there are children. Sometimes there are
crowds 4 deep at the bar. Take it easy. Larchmont is a cool laid back town with a lot of good people who know how to have a good time. If you have so many issues with the establishments why are you here? Go back to the city if my town is not up to your standards. OR stay have a drink and relax.
Remember: this town is all about the locals… and those that wish they were.
editrix you GO, pilates!

Prefers local places....
Prefers local places....
September 4, 2009 9:27 AM

The Barnacle has great potential, keep at it guys! We are fans!! :)

Regular at Memorial
Regular at Memorial
August 16, 2009 8:53 PM

I have good experience going with kids to Coromandel Indian Restaurant in New Rochelle. Wonder if someone has a good experience with Raj Mahal (sp?) on MMK Ave? Coyote Flaco also received us with open arms and the latina/mexican server were very sweet with my 3 kids.

August 9, 2009 10:04 PM

Villa Maria? Absolutely the worst Pizza on the Planet!!! Basically Heinz Catsup on doughy stale bread. The French American school kids seem to love the crap they serve in that joint; staffed by twenty somethings who need to learn how to cook pizza and get to a gym. Horrible service, ridiculous prices and crappy food. Best Pizza is Pizza Gourmet, or even the Mamaroneck Diner; Sal’s is overrated, Nicks is a joke. Basically, you have two choices. All the other’s…..under cooked, doughy garbage. They should be ashamed to call it Pizza in New York. And I’m from CT?

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