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Election Day: Ballot Measures, Candidates to Consider in Westchester

Next Tuesday is Election Day. Below, a video and chance to view your candidates, as well as a discussion of ballot measures, during the League of Women Voters Candidates’ Forum October 25.

Three ballot measures will decided : 

  1. Should we hold a Constitution Convention (“Con Con”) for the purpose of proposing changes in the State Constitution?
  2. Can a Judge revoke of reduce the pension of a public officer for committing a felony related to his/her duties?
  3. To create a 250-acre land bank, which would allow local governments to request state Forest Preserve land for qualifying projects in exchange for the state adding 250 new acres to the preserve; and allow bike paths, sewer lines, and utility lines within the width of highways on preserve land.

County Executive: Democratic State Senator George Latimer ( 37th) since 2012, seeks to unseat Republican incumbent Rob Astorino.  (In 2013,  Astorino defeated Democratic challenger Noam Bramson, mayor of New Rochelle, for the County Executive seat.)

Westchester Board of Legislators: Norman Rosenblum, who has served as mayor of the Village of Mamaroneck for eight years, seeks to upset incumbent Catherine Parker of Rye, who is seeking a third two-year term on the Board of Legislators (BOL).

Parker is running on the Democratic, Working Families, and Women’s Equality lines, while Rosenblum is the Republican, Conservative, and Reform candidate.

District 7 includes Rye, Mamaroneck, Larchmont, and parts of New Rochelle and Harrison.

Other races include: County Executive, County Court Justices, Town of Mamaroneck Court Justice.

In Mamaroneck Village, two familiar names in local politics are competing for mayor.

Tom Murphy, a Democrat and former Village of Mamaroneck trustee, and George Mgrditchian, a Republican and president of the Orienta Point Association, are vying for the seat.

The Town of Mamaroneck Supervisor and Board Members are running uncontested.


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November 4, 2017 9:44 PM

If you compare the scandals for the two candidates for County Exec, would you rather have
A. A workaholic who has been too busy working for the county to deal with his own personal stuff?
B. A greedy man on the take for his own benefit?

Latimer, who has been driving to multiple events every day, pays late fines on his tickets like the rest of us. His mother-in-law left his wife a property that was disputed by other family members, so it makes no sense to pay the entire taxes on a house if not sure if you will get to keep the house in the end. None of this has impact on the fine job he has done for the county for years.

Astorino, on the other hand, has been trading contracts and favors for campaign contributions. Google “Correct Care Solutions” and “wrongful death”. Check “NY campaign contributions” and see how much Correct Care and its owners, the Boyles of Tennessee, have given Astorino this year. You can do the same for many companies with business with or before the county: Spectra gas, Delta, and Cappelli (Albert Pirro’s old partner).

Not to mention the “used steel watch” he paid $2000 for. Try to find a preowned Rolex Submariner for under $6000! And what’s the proof it was really used? Who is in this for himself?

November 1, 2017 1:47 PM

Who can afford to elect Sen. Latimer? He’s already promised to raise county taxes and I’m sure he’ll keep his word on that.

And then there’s his unregistered car, parking tickets, an affair, unpaid property taxes, really just too many issues for anyone to vote for him.

brian sten
October 31, 2017 6:29 PM

george latimer for county executive good to work with will create a leessar tax burden for everyone from brian sten activist for human rights a member of the new rochelle sports hall of fame comm .

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