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Earthquake: Where Were You?

After today’s rattler shook buildings from Virginia to New England, you can’t step out your front door or flip on the news without hearing about the trembler that rocked our world.

Fortunately, the 5.8 magnitude quake, which was centered outside Richmond, left no damage after rolling through town. But it did freak out some of us who thought this surely can’t be happening in New York.

Please, share your story here about where you were when the Earth moved.


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Diana Marszalek
11 years ago

Jack, from New Rochelle, tells us about being out on a lunchtime field trip with two buddies from Larchmont at a Pakistani restaurant in Brooklyn when he started to feel things shake, rattle and roll.

“I thought, this is not good,” Jack says. “It kind of freaked me out.”

At first, Jack thought he could have been feeling construction havoc, but knew that wasn’t the case when people fled surrounding buildings and congregated on the street.

Jack’s hunch that the Earth had, in fact, moved was confirmed by his Pakistani host, who was clearly better versed in Earthquakes than Jack and his crew of New Yorkers despite a light language barrier.

“He said quake, Earth,” says Jack, who was still a bit shaken from the tremblor Wednesday morning. “I felt the one 30 years ago but it wasn’t like this one,” he says.

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