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Drive Drunk, Lose Car

Westchester Legislators approved a law taking away the car from those who drink and drive . . . 


Under the new law, anyone convicted of (or pleading guilty to) operating a vehicle while under the influence of alcohol (DWI and DUI)  on Westchester County roads and parkways could lose his/her car.  The County would apply civil forfeiture proceedings against the vehicle, considered the instrument of the crime, and the car would be immediately impounded.   The bill was modeled after existing legislation in Nassau and Suffolk counties, which legislators say have proven to be effective.


The law provides for the protection of innocent owners and an exception for economic hardship.  The law needs to be approved by the County Executive.  It is scheduled to take effect December 2010.


Legislators in theLoop area who supported the law include William Ryan (District 5), Judy Myers (District 7) and James Maisano (District 11), all of whom are running for re-election, but only Mr. Ryan faces opposition.

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