Does Larchmont Need Northbound I-95 Access?


Harmon Drive, Larchmont, where proponents say a Northbound ramp to I-95 would work

editor: Proponents of a project to build access to I-95 North in Larchmont say they have discussed it with State Assemblyman Steve Otis, State Senator Shelly Mayer, County Executive George Latimer, and Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson.

This letter is part of the proponents’ effort to inform the wider community so the Federal Government will consider it.

To the Editor:

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Larchmont is fortunate in having easy access to I-95 South; however, access to I-95 North is a nightmare.

Residents have to go through the heart of commercial Mamaroneck, traveling a few miles to the access ramp on Mamaroneck Ave., encountering on Palmer or the Post Road 12 to 20 traffic lights, depending on where they start.

A vast majority of a couple hundred citizens that I polled agree that there could be asimple solution to alleviate this problem— the building of an access ramp to I-95 Northon Harmon Drive, just a short distancefrom the Weaver/Harmon traffic light.

This appears easy to implement since there are no residences or other buildings nearby. An access to I-95 Nwill reduce hydro-carbon pollution fromidling vehicles at the busy intersections along the present routes and will reduce fuel consumption. It will also make the travelof Larchmont residents easier and add to our quality of life and productivity.

We are aware that this has to be a project for the Federal Government which will act only if the local citizens are in favor of the addition. Only our town officials can help move this idea forwardby conducting a feasibility study, including a traffic and cost-benefit analysis.

Jag Rao


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