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Developer Plans to Preserve Larchmont Property and Build Subdivision

40 Ocean Avenue, Larchmont


Developing story, please check back for community reaction

In an effort to appease residents and the preservation group initially formed in response to plans to demolish 40 Ocean Avenue in Larchmont, 40 Ocean Properties LLC has a new plan.

The company says it plans to move the 6200 square foot home to another spot on the property, and also build an adjacent 4-lot subdivision.

In an email sent to theLoop, 40 Ocean Properties, LLC says that on May 4th it made a submission to the Larchmont Planning Board to submit a site-plan.

“Everyone should be thrilled, as saving the house is what the village and community has said is their objective. This change in plans will come at a very significant cost to us, but, while we believe that we have every legal right to demolish the house, we are willing to undertake this proposal so long as we get the cooperation of the village and community to move this forward expeditiously,” the release states.



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Larchmont Preservation Coalition
Larchmont Preservation Coalition
3 years ago

this is a horrible idea.

these developers should shown the quickest way out of town.

looking forward to all of us on the Preserve Larchmont team doing whatever is takes to stop these vicious monsters and remove them from our community forever.

Ted Utz
Ted Utz
3 years ago

Even worse than the original plan!!!

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