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Democratic Primary Offers County Leg Race


The significant primary race for the Southern County Tuesday is that for the Democrats running for the District 7 Westchester County Legislature seat held by Judy Myers for two terms.

Rye city Councilwoman Catherine Parker and former Mamaroneck village Trustee Tom Murphy are competing.

District 7 covers  Mamaroneck, Larchmont and Rye, and portions of Harrison and New Rochelle.

What does the County Leg do?

It oversees Rye Playland, affordable housing issues, property taxes, flood mitigation and other County-wide issues.

The Republican candidate in November is John Verni of New Rochelle.

Results will be posted here


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Ray Tartaglione
Ray Tartaglione
September 10, 2013 10:04 AM

Catharine Parker has been disappointing for years. The primary
functions of any elected official is to protect the health and safety of the
public. As you know less than one mile as the crow flies from Playland sits an
Island community by the name of Hen Island.

As a member of the Rye City council Catharine’s silence for the past seven
years on the Hen Island health and environmental injustices has allowed the
storage of over thirty thousand gallons of stagnant water that breeds
mosquitoes by the millions less than 1/2 mile from Playland and Mamaroneck.
Within the last year we now have two confirmed cases of West Nile Virus
encephalitis. One a 12 year old child from Forest Ave in Rye (one block from
Playland) and the other two blocks from Rye’s Greenhaven section on Melbourne Ave. Green Haven is only 450 feet from the shores of Hen Island. Mosquitoes can easily fly up to five miles from their breeding sites. Anyone who uses Playland and/or lives in Rye has an increased risk, thanks to Catharine and her political crony’s inactions. We have put together a 35 minute documentary film called “Failure to protect”. Please view it and keep it in mind as you consider where your votes will be placed if you can vote in the Sound Shore area’s democratic primary tomorrow.

Residents of Hen Island have also been polluting the waters of the Long Island Sound, due to the failure of the City of Rye to require code compliant sewage systems. These are the waters of Playland were our families have swam, fished and boated for generations.

Below we have also produced another short 11 minute clip called “Catherine
Parker: Protecting Polluters”. Please view it and keep it in mind when you swim in the Sound and as you consider where your votes will be placed, if you vote in the Sound Shore area’s democratic primary tomorrow.

I am not a Democrat or a Republican, I vote on the candidate I believe will get
the job done or against the one that did not. We need not only a pro-Playland
vote in the legislature but we also need a voice that will step up to the plate
and protect the public first. Someone who will place health and safety before
political and personal agendas. Catharine is not that person.

• C O M M U N I T Y • C A L E N D A R •

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