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DeCicco & Sons Shares Grand Opening with New Pharmacy

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You’ve known they were in the neighborhood since the store opened in December, but DeCicco’s and Sons in Larchmont held an “Official” Grand Opening over the weekend.

And now at of the most energy-efficient and “green” supermarkets in the country, and the only one we know of with a Gastropub serving beer and wine on tap, you can get your prescriptions filled while you shop.

The Grand Opening is shared with the new Larchmont Pharmacy, right next door. Part of a five-location group, the pharmacy shares locations with other DeCicco’s as well.

 “We are next to each other as well in Harrison, with Trotta’s Pharmacy. The pharmacy group also has locations in Yonkers, Harrison, and in Jefferson Valley,” says John DeCicco Jr,  “all with a terrific friendly atmosphere and great customer service. In Larchmont we felt it would be great if we could be together to work together so we could offer a complete shopping experience to our customers”

With the recent closings of family pharmacies in Larchmont and throughout the country, it’s good to know the big chains haven’t completely taken over. And yes, they deliver.

DeCicco and Sons Market and Larchmont Pharmacy are located at 2141 Palmer Avenue.

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