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Dangerous Driving, Continued: Teen Hit by Car in Larchmont

Girl fine, bicycle mangled
Girl fine, bicycle mangled

A 13 year old Hommocks Honor student was struck by a car while riding her bike home from school in Larchmont Tuesday. She suffered only minor injuries. She was wearing a bike helmet.

The eighth grader and her mother say she was about to ride across the intersection of N. Chatsworth Avenue and New Jefferson Street, when she saw a car appear to slow down for a stop, so she proceeded. The car failed to stop completely. Often cars entering this intersection are coming off Route I-95.

bicycle and car accident larchmont
North Chatsworth Avenue and New Jefferson St., Larchmont

“I was scared and then I felt like I was doing a flip. When I got up, the passenger was upset because she said, ‘You hit my car!'” Mamaroneck Town Police responded to the scene.

theLoop investigated dangerous intersections in a multi-part series earlier this year that was picked up on local television. Readers were asked to tell us what areas needed to be looked at, and those responses were plotted on the map below. Several areas along N. Chatsworth Avenue were cited.

Click on blue dots to reveal notes from readers:

View Crowdsourcing Dangerous Roads in a larger map


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May 8, 2013 11:59 AM

Amazing intersection. First, look at the photo. There is a totally worn white stripe indicating a stop. Start with a little bot of paint perhaps. Second, drivers come off of I-95 and seem to be pumped up and ready to challenge traffic coming down No. Chatsworth and of course cyclists and pedestrians.

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