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Dangerous Driving, Again

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theLoop is still working on identifying dangerous areas for drivers, pedestrians and the general public. Our information is mainly crowdsourced.

Do not hesitate to contact us. We are still working on getting the attention of more public officials.

Kudos to The Loop! Years ago after contacting local officials about the problem with traffic going the wrong way up Alden Road, no action. A month after posting this problem (and it is getting MUCH worse) we had a new ONE WAY sign posted at BRP and the base of Alden. Thank you Loop!

Last week, a middle school student was hit by a car in the crosswalk on Hommocks Road (thankfully, no serious injury to the child). There was also a minor collision between a school bus and a garbage truck. No injuries thankfully. (note, garbage truck was pulling out and clipped the back of the bus, not bus drivers fault) The issue of traffic around town esp at school arrival and dismissal times needs to be kept in the headlines until more is done! If God forbid a situation calls for emergency vehicles to get near school grounds during those times, it just cant happen. BTW, really, shouldnt garbage collection be put on hold for the 30 minutes or so when kids are getting to school? Would parents be interested in a large scale carpooling effort? would there be any assistance available from town or other orgs to help organize and implement something like that?


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March 11, 2013 9:08 PM

“The issue of traffic around town esp at school arrival and dismissal
times needs to be kept in the headlines until more is done”

Local blogs reporting on the recent “gunman” at the Hommocks school included comments from some neighbors about the proximity of an officer to the school in a deriding tone that he/she is “always looking for tickets”…So what is it?

March 12, 2013 7:41 AM
Reply to  Sybil

Sybil, Police “always looking for tickets”, thats a symptom of this problem isnt it? Its their job to ensure public safety and during peak times they have their hands more than full with a job that is nearly impossible to do well. By handing out more tickets they MAY deter impatient driving to some extent. Yet, i still see angry drivers and angry police out there, tempers flare because the situation needs the attention that the Loop is giving it. Lets hope town, schools, parents and police follow that lead and get some real solutions implemented.

March 12, 2013 8:37 PM
Reply to  phyllis

One man’s “always looking for tickets” is another man’s idea of intensive traffic enforcement in a critical area. It’s not a symptom, it’s the police doing what our taxes pay them to do! The reason why the police you see are angry is probably because they’re frustrated by people like yourself that can never be satisfied, regardless of the “real solutions” (read: ticket writing, “impatient driving” enforcement, whatever you want to call it) that are being done NOW.

March 13, 2013 12:48 PM
Reply to  Lyle

Lyle, I completely agree that intensive traffic enforcement is necessary in our area, that the police are doing exactly what they are paid to do – ensure public safety. They are doing that job to the best of their ability in a very difficult situation (see “problem area” map and comments on the loop).  Yet, more can be done don’t you think?  Your suggestion that people like me never being satisfied make the police more frustrated, I have to disagree. The end result of getting creative and looking for solutions would likely make their jobs easier and more importantly, make  nthe town a safer nicer place.  Looking into large scale district wide carpooling, analyzing traffic flow patterns, change fix or add traffic signs and lights, look into “safe routes to school” grants where there is an enormous source of funds available…these are all things I would imagine could make traffic and walker safety issues much less of a problem.  but it takes a village as they say.  Positive involvement is crucial…between parents, schools, town, businesses, police.

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