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Dancing with the 5th Graders

Every September, theLoop receives email about “Ballroom,” a time-worn tradition in Westchester that brings high emotions from parents on both “sides.” Herewith, the latest.

the Loop is the perfect place to vent my frustration about my least favorite fall activity…Ballroom.  The hubbub arround organizing the carpools has begun. The idea of learning ballroom dancing (and etiquette) is fine. I guess. But those who run it use the school directories from each elementary school to solicit their 5th and 6th grade customers. If a parent did that, he or she would be called on it! But year after year, they will enlist a mom from the 4 Larch/Mamk elementary schools to give them the school directory.

How does the school district allow this? How do the parents allow this? This masked marketing technique has these moms recognized on the brochure as the “committee”.

I don’t want to put my name on this, but i want to shout this out to the parents in the district!

What do you think?


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11 years ago

This is rather disappointing to read that Patsy is using the school directories. I attended ballroom at the Helen Adams School of Dance (aka Honey Adams) when Honey was alive and Patsy was an assistant. Enrollment was strictly by mailed invitations and the individual moms called in, to request those invites.

Years later, I “called” and sent each 4 of my kids through the program. To say I was disappointed would be understating it. With each child a decline- overcrowded, undercontrolled chaos. Far less of an emphasis on etiquette than we had. And while I can still remember every dance I learned, I am not sure any of my kids could say the same. Sad…

Diana Marszalek
11 years ago

Agree 100%. I found any semblance of etiquette was lost before ballroom even started — in the carpool planning process. But I have long had a burning question and wondering if anyone out there knows: Are kids from all four elementary schools really included? I have heard mixed things about Mamaroneck Avenue — another question about the propriety of the whole thing, though I do not know for sure.

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