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Cuts to Schools: Take Nine

Governor Patterson’s proposed 2009-10 budget cuts aid to schools . . . about nine percent in theLoop area . . . 




Actually, exactly nine percent for Mamaroneck, Rye Neck, Rye and Scarsdale schools, all of which are classified as "low need" districts.  New Rochelle, described as "average need", would take a 8.86% cut.  Dollarwise, here’s what that means:  Mamaroneck -$481,598; Rye Neck -$139,905; Rye – $226,613; Scarsdale – $338,663; and New Rochelle -$388,663. 

Mamaroneck Schools Superintendent Dr. Paul Fried expressed his concern and disappointment:   "We worked on the budget with our Board of Education, staff and community for a very long time last winter, asking for and getting monetary concessions from our teachers and administrators, having our Central Office team take a pay freeze and still being forced to reduce more than 20 positions and increase class size.  Now, two months into the school year, with a budget in place, the Governor is proposing that we cut almost a half a million dollars ($481,103) from our budget right now.  While we have been concerned about planning for next year’s budget since last year, having an unexpected mid-year budget cut undermines the good work and planning that we did to bring a budget before the community that they could support.  I have already contacted George Latimer and Suzi Oppenheimerand know they will bring Mamaroneck’s concerns to Albany." 

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