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Customers of Former Larchmont Thrift Store Claim Theft

The owner of Larchmont Thrift and Consignment Shop, which shuttered its doors for good earlier this year, was accepting items from customers, then selling them online for his own profit, according to several area residents.

Customers of the store at 134 Larchmont Avenue , which opened in September, 2017, say they brought in often expensive items to consign, and were later unable to reach the owner to see if they had sold.

Then, say several people, they discovered their belongings for sale or already sold on, an online site selling designer clothing and shoes.

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A Mamaroneck woman recounts on social media that she consigned a Gucci watch and Tiffany ring to Larchmont Thrift and Consignment Shop owners Frank DiBuono and his mother Diana DiBuono of New Rochelle.

“Two months passed and still no check. Closed doors, the phone number wasn’t correct.  I put notes on the door a few times but nothing happened!,” she writes


Area residents say these are some of the items consigned to Larchmont Thrift that were sold online by the owner on his Poshmark site.


At least nine people have posted on an extensive thread on that they had similar experiences.

“I found 10 of my items sold on Poshmark,” writes another Mamaroneck resident. ” I have the original invoice written up by Frank when I dropped off my items.   (They) were on the shop owner’s Poshmark online store.”

The Poshmark site appears to have been taken down in the last day.

“I gave him expensive things to sell and he never got in touch with me for months,” writes a Larchmont woman. “When I went in and asked for my items to be returned, he said he had sold some of them and would send a check. I had to keep calling and then received a very small check. He told me to come back for the expensive clothing items I had given him. When I went back, his mother gave me a small white plastic bag of cheap, smelly items that were not mine. ”

One customer tells theLoop she returned to the store to collect the items that hadn’t sold and she was told they had been given away.

“He said after 90 days everything is given to charity,” she said.  “That was never agreed to. When I questioned him, he got very angry at me. It was very uncomfortable.”

Larchmont Police say they are unable to investigate because this is a civil matter.  Small Claims Court is one option. The Westchester District Attorney has been alerted to the dispute, according to former customers.  

A woman identifying herself as a relative says DiBuono also owned King’s Gamer’s World at 731 West Boston Post Road in Mamaroneck. That store is also closed. 



theLoop has been the Sound Shore area's online source of news, information and conversation since 2007.

theLoop has been the Sound Shore area's online source of news, information and conversation since 2007.


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2 years ago

I agree he took lots of items worth money from me also incl. gold, mink coat and lots of other items to stiff me at the end. Do I need to report him to District Attorney? so I be involved when something goes down?

2 years ago

Scammer, liar, liar no Money, storefront things sold on line scammer needs to be in jail him and hid mother. Hides behind the fact that his bro is a police officer in Mamaroneck and his father in law is a politician. LAZY.FAT ASS LIAR AND SCAMMER

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