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Crying Wolf

There is a wonderful resource in South Salem for those interested in wildlife conservation, the Wolf Conservation Center. This event takes place tonight:

Dr. Gregory Rasmussen of the Painted Dog Conservation project (PDC) in Zimbabwe will speak about Painted Dogs (African wild dogs) at the Wolf Conservation Center (WCC) in South Salem, New York. Although the prime focus of the WCC is wolves, they encourage the conservation of all wild species and as a result often host speakers on topics other than wolves.

Dr Rasmussen will speak about painted dogs, his life with this fascinating species and the role PDC plays in Zimbabwean communities: educating people about the importance of healthy painted dog populations and employing conservation methods to improve the outlook for this beautiful predator. PDC faces many challenges similar to those faced by wolf recovery programs here in the US so the discussion should be both interesting and informative. After the lecture, guests will visit Ambassador wolves Atka, Alawa, and Zephyr as well as the WCC’s critically endangered red wolves and Mexican gray wolves.

50% of the program’s proceeds will be donated to PDC.
Pre-registration is required and the fee is $15 per person.

photo: Alison Nicholls

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