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Crowdsourcing Dangerous Driving

Children attempt crosswalk, North Chatsworth Ave. and Rochelle Rd., Larchmont
Children attempt crosswalk, North Chatsworth Ave. and Rochelle Rd., Larchmont last Fall

Residents of the interconnected towns and villages of Lower Westchester have worked with theLoop to identify potentially dangerous intersections and stretches of road that they say require immediate changes.

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Today we begin to examine some of these areas.

According to NY State Law: When there is no traffic control signal, drivers must yield the right-of-way to pedestrians in the crosswalk. (Sec. 1151). .

On North Chatsworth Avenue in the Town of Mamaroneck (Larchmont P.O.,) a group asked the Mamaroneck Town Traffic Committee last November to install “stop for pedestrian crossing” signs within a crosswalk they say most motorists cannot see until too late.

The crosswalk, on North Chatsworth Ave. near the intersection of Rochelle Road, routinely used by children walking to and from Murray Avenue School.

One neighbor, who did not wish to be identified, says she has been in the crosswalk with her children and experienced drivers honking and swerving around them as they tried to cross.

This crosswalk has, according to Westchester Legislator Judy Myers, been a bone of contention for a generation.

“This crosswalk saga is a long one. My neighbor… fought the fight 30-40 years ago and actually got a red blinking stop light installed at the intersection of Mountain and N. Chatsworth/Rockingstone. That stayed in place until a huge storm in the late ’80’s/early ’90’s blew it down and it was never replaced,” Myers said.

“My husband witnessed a grown man hit  by a car while crossing Chatsworth hear the Larchmont train station two weeks ago,” says resident Amalie Howard.

“The force of impact cracked the car’s windshield. That’s my fear … that it could have easily been a child at this crossing. And they wouldn’t just have a concussion, they’d be dead.”

The Mamaroneck Town Traffic Committee has taken no action at this time.

Other areas Loop Readers have asked us to look into follow. If you know of a dangerous situation, please email us or leave a comment below.

Larchmont: When you are driving northeast on Palmer Ave on a sunny afternoon–heading into Larchmont’s commercial center from the New Rochelle side of things–and you come up on the traffic light at the intersection of Larchmont Avenue, because of the way the sun hits the light it is almost impossible to tell whether it is green or red. I just usually guess. So far, no accidents. Maybe they need to put better hoods on the lights, or whatever they do.”

New Rochelle:  “We have been living in the Beechmont area in New Rochelle for a little over a year and have been very disappointed.  There are no sidewalks and cars whiz by on a constant basis.  We were excited for the kids to take the bus to school this year, but after trying to walk by crossing Beechmont avenue for 2 weeks, almost being hit by a car, being yelled at by my neighbor for walking “in the middle of the street”, and then having the New Rochelle Transportation Department responding to my concerns by telling me that they were not responsible for my children’s safety, I decided that we better stick to driving.  I still have no idea how the area was possibly rated the best neighborhood for families by Westchester Magazine last year when kids can’t even walk or bike alone and there are no sidewalks.”

New Rochelle: People need to STOP at the STOP signs at Ellenton Avenue (Sunset View Park) and Hillcrest Avenue in New Rochelle, NY, 10804!

Rye: In response to your article about possibly dangerous intersections, there is one in Rye I think should be considered. At the intersection of Oakland Beach Avenue and Milton Road, there is a pedestrian walk signal that is on the wrong side of the intersection from where most of the pedestrian traffic is. Because there is no north/southbound sidewalk on the east side of the Milton Road, most pedestrians (including a lot of school children), walk on the west side, where there is a sidewalk. Please study this particular intersection closely and you will see what I mean when I say the pedestrian signal is on the wrong side. I have seen kids dashing across not certain if they have the right of way or not because it’s very difficult for them to see the traffic light, and impossible to see the pedestrian signal. I walk there frequently and it’s even difficult for me to know when it’s safe to cross. And it’s a busy intersection.

Mamaroneck: “I live on Cedar Street in Mamaroneck. It is a one way and our houses are close to the street. Many people use it as a shorter route to 95 and come speeding around the corner and down the street. Too many times I have seen my child and my neighbors children come inches from being killed.  I have called the traffic commission many times and all I could get is a 12 in sign painted on the street that no one can see and has long faded away.  We have also made our own speed bumps that the police have made us remove as quickly as we put them out.  It would be great to have some help solving this issue before someone gets hurt or killed.

Scarsdale: The corner of Michael and Harvard Drive in Scarsdale is a hazard! There is no stop sign on either street. It appears to be the only corner down Top of the Ridge/Harvard with out any stop signs. Car and bus traffic heavy near Davis School drop off and pick up times. Your help in getting a stop sign would be greatly appreciated! This is a fantastic project The Loop is taking on.

Larchmont: The intersection of Beach Avenue and Lincoln/Addison is a real problem. Many families pass through this intersection on their way to and from Chatsworth. I see multiple people every day (no exaggeration) blow right through the stop signs. When did people start thinking that a stop sign is optional?

Larchmont: We live near Memorial Park, off of North Chatsworth.  Many families in the neighborhood walk to Memorial Park. There is a green space cut through that leads to the park from North Chatsworth.  However, if you are coming from the larchmont woods area, the sidewalk is on the opposite side of the green space that leads to the park.  so once you get to new Jefferson street, you have to dash across and hope no car is flying down North Chatsworth.  It has always puzzled me that there is no pedestrian crossing at the intersection of Jefferson & N Chatsworth, to allow people to cross over safely to the park.





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March 11, 2013 10:06 PM

Palmer Ave @Weaver St. – Larchmont

On a daily basis, if you are moving straight ahead, oncoming traffic assumes you are turning left and cars continually pass on right to cut you off before you clear intersection. Near miss accidents for my obeying traffic laws makes it nearly impossible to get home alive.

And this within a school zone!

Mamaroneck and Larchmont you should be ashamed, you fools!

January 28, 2013 4:52 PM

I have one dangerous intersection what I have to pass everyday with my daughter on the way to school; it’s Boston Post Rd and Richbell Rd in Mamaroneck. There is very heavy traffic in morning and afternoon there and our cross guard Jim can have big credit as he saved so many kids from being hit by cars. There is no just walk or just drive on that intersection and that gives drivers right to make right turn same time when pedestrians have walk sign. Well it seems drivers are all in big rush behind wheel as there is no shown intention from anybody to stop and give right to pedestrians. When is afternoon dismissal there you have in same time kids from three different schools-Central,Hommocks and High School. That is sometimes over 2 thousands of kids walking and in danger to be hit. I tried to call Town and also State as Boston Post Rd is state road so only NYS dept of transportation can do something; but no good results. Few years ago they even said is to expensive to adjust lights to just walk; well how expensive are our lives or we need an accident to change and do something. Also there is crossing by Nautilus Dinner and road toward Trader Joe’s parking what is so dangerous for people to cross.

Nomore Truckin'
January 27, 2013 2:23 PM

Please add the “invisible crosswalks” at the intersections of Edgewood with North Chatsworth and Murray to the interactive map of problem locations. High vehicular and pedestrian traffic in these locations, close to MNRR and I95 and a school route. Trucks, speed and sight-lines are a long time problem ignored by “committee”.

Editrix, please continue “right-ing”, don’t stop. Traffic has done wrong, doesn’t stop, and left us in danger.

January 29, 2013 4:13 PM

We will add all of these to the next map!

January 26, 2013 10:02 PM

Way to go! ePress on!

The Town is way to slow to address safety issues. Is it and its traffic committee stopped, waiting for a light to go on, or a serious incident to happen?

“Committee–a group of men [sic] who keep minutes and waste hours.”
– Milton Berle

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