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Crowdsourcing Dangerous Driving Pt.4- Who is Responding?


We continue to follow up on the dangerous intersections and roads you’re telling us about.

Our Crowd Sourced local dangerous roads are getting some attention from elected officials and others- but we can use more to get some of these intersections and stretches of roads some real scrutiny.

We’ve had a shout-out on News 12, and created an interactive map.  (more after the map)

View Crowdsourcing Dangerous Roads in a larger map

We contacted State Sen. George Latimer, Assemblyman Steven Otis, Mamaroneck Council Member Jaine Eney, Mamaroneck Town Supervisor Nancy Seligson, Larchmont Mayor Anne McAndrews, New Rochelle Mayor Noam Bramson, and more.

Writes Otis, ” Congratulations to theLoop for heightening awareness of pedestrian and traffic safety issues.
I am eager to work with residents and local governments on traffic safety, safe rides to schools and pedestrian safety initiatives.”

Scarsdale officials also responded – proactively- though there is currently nothing mapped in Scarsdale.

Updating the ‘invisible’ crosswalk we wrote about on North Chatsworth Avenue, where residents asked officials to install signs in the crosswalk to prevent cars from routinely driving through it even while children are crossing: The Mamaroneck Town traffic committee decided to eliminate the crosswalk and replace it with a new one a block north.

Writes Town Administrator Steve Altieri,

Most obvious to the Traffic Committee is the question of the visibility of the crosswalk.  By our own observations and those of the Police Department the crosswalk is not clearly visible to vehicular traffic traveling on North Chatsworth Avenue.  Due to the bend in the road near Edgewood Avenue, the problem is particularly acute for traffic traveling northbound from the Village of Larchmont.  Adding new signs would improve visibility of the crosswalk but the Committee believed that the crosswalk would remain unsafe even with the additional signs. 

We’d like to hear more from our representatives with some specific ideas.

Here is what you can do: Tell us what areas you think need attention. email us or (better) leave a comment below.





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March 10, 2013 8:57 AM

Last week, a middle school student was hit by a car in the crosswalk on Hommocks Road (thankfully, no serious injury to the child). There was also a minor collision between a school bus and a garbage truck. No injuries thankfully. (note, garbage truck was pulling out and clipped the back of the bus, not bus drivers fault) The issue of traffic around town esp at school arrival and dismissal times needs to be kept in the headlines until more is done! If God forbid a situation calls for emergency vehicles to get near school grounds during those times, it just cant happen. BTW, really, shouldnt garbage collection be put on hold for the 30 minutes or so when kids are getting to school? Would parents be interested in a large scale carpooling effort? would there be any assistance available from town or other orgs to help organize and implement something like that?

concerned resident
concerned resident
March 9, 2013 5:07 PM

Kudos to The Loop! Years ago after contacting local officials about the problem with traffic going the wrong way up Alden Road, no action. A month after posting this problem (and it is getting MUCH worse) we had a new ONE WAY sign posted at BRP and the base of Alden. Thank you Loop!

Frank Drebin
Frank Drebin
February 19, 2013 7:13 PM

1. Mamaroneck Ave & Mt Pleasant – near SmashBurger – a crossing guard with no crosswalk during the school day – there is no crossing device/button for commuters – just a matter of time before something else is smashed (besides burgers and the usual truck into the rr bridge).

2. Boston Post Road and Mamaroneck Ave – no sidewalk on the south side over the river – not wide enough for Flat Stanley

3. Gertrude & Mamaroneck Ave – Cars and trucks parked (or double parked) on Gertrude when children are going to and leaving school. New sign allows for a right on red except school hours/days…doesn’t account for the many other after hours events that happen at the school including camp in the summer.

4. Boston Post Road in front of MHS. If the schools does not want to put a fence in along the property so the kids cross at an interesection, instead of just running out in the street there will be a problem – they just run into the street when they think they can make it. On top of that the delivery trucks stop across the street (Rose Nails, Deli & Pizza place) and double park during school pick up, blocking half the intersection. This just feet from a police station, but they never tell the delivery trucks to move along. In fact the cops just drive right by.

5. Anywhere around Hommocks – I hope there is never a fire during drop off or dismissal. Even if people were predisosed to move out of the way there is nowhere to go.

6. Anywhere around the French School/St. Vito’s particularly on a Wednesday. Parents and busses are double parked everywhere.

7. Murray Ave – same kind of scene as the high school except the the kids are holding their parents hands as they jaywalk to illegally parked cars.

8. Harrison Ave in front to Daniel Warren School and Mamaroneck Ave in front of MAS at Nostrand Ave. I saw each of the crossing guards almost hit. At MAS a driver went flying through a red light at Nostrand Ave.

Notice a theme around schools – general feeling that anything goes.

February 7, 2013 4:03 PM

“A Committee is a group of people who individually can do nothing , but who, as a group, can meet an decide that nothing can be done.” – Fred Allen

So, the Town has a Traffic Committee that can accept and agree when told that an intersection is dangerous, but then decide there is nothing to be done about it. Must have lots of stuff racing through their minds yet are unable to turn their attention right. Let’s hope that something isn’t hit while deliberations proceed unimpeded by the real world.

Larchmont resident
Larchmont resident
February 7, 2013 10:01 AM

Intersection of Howard and Stuyvesant. Almost had a few head on collisions there myself. Howard splits into a Y there and there is no yield or stop sign. I think that one section of the Y is supposed to be one way and that is the reason for no yield sign. However it’s not marked one way and cars from neither Howard nor Stuyvesant even slow down because both assume the other has a yield sign. Hedges from the corner house block the streets so you don’t know a car is coming until its right in front of you.

Concerned resident
Concerned resident
February 7, 2013 9:36 AM

Alden Road is a one way street. It has a hill on top and people drive very fast down it to BPR. Worse..we are seeing more and more cars driving the wrong way UP Alden!
Matter of time before bad accident.

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