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Coyote in Mamaroneck, near Stanley Ave., Shot by Cops



Mamaroneck Police and the Village Wildlife Contractor shot and killed a coyote Monday that had wondered into a residential neighborhood on Stanley Avenue, a Village official tells theLoop. Until now, the exact location was not publicized

Police say the animal had exhibited “aggressive behavior” before it was put down, and did not show “any indication that it might have a disease such as distemper or rabies.” No one was injured.

Below is an email sent by the Village:

Dear Neighbors:

Today, Monday, November 10, 2014, at approximately 8 a.m., Village of Mamaroneck Police and our Wildlife Control contractor were called to respond to a sighting of a coyote on a private property in a residential neighborhood. Based on the aggressive behavior of the animal and due to the circumstances of the incident, Mamaroneck Police shot and killed the animal. There were no indications that the animal exhibited any indication that it might have a disease such as distemper or rabies.

Please note the following recommendations the Village has for dealing with and avoiding contact with coyotes in the future:

Coyote Protocols-Village of Mamaroneck:

Recommended protocols for dealing with Coyotes, based on recommendations of the NYS DEC:

People should act in ways that will discourage coyotes from being attracted to their yards and property:

  • Be aggressive
  • Be loud
  • Act in a manner to scare away coyotes when they are seen
  • Contain garbage in tightly enclosed and secured garbage cans and container
  • Don’t feed birds (the birds are a food source for coyotes; feeding them concentrates them in one area)
  • Keep small children and pets like dogs or cats under control and supervision. Do not leave them outside without an adult monitoring them.
  • Residents are advised that by law they must have their dogs and cats immunized with proofs of immunization handy. Otherwise if the animals have physical contact and/or fight with a coyote, it is possible the animal(s) could be required by the Health Department to be quarantined and/or possibly euthanized.

At this time, it is not necessary for the Village of Mamaroneck to seek out and call a wildlife trapper for sightings. However, if further incidents occur, or if further animal(s) contact occurs, we will revisit that policy.

If coyotes are acting in any way that is dangerous, aggressive, or with a lack of fear, residents should call the Mamaroneck Police Desk at 777-1122, and police will be dispatched. If there is an actual attack, call 911.

For more information on coyotes, we recommend you explore the following link at the NYS DEC






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