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Cool Finds: The Johnson Food Truck

 A special Spring Break treat…

I just had an almost perfect New Orleans style bowl of Red Beans and Rice. The brown sauce had just the right amount of Cajun seasoning.

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It was served from a truck.

One of the things, I always say, that makes a town world class, is the ability to access gourmet grub on wheels. Look at these sites devoted just to street food in New York, Portand, Ore., and Washington, DC.

Mamaroneck jumps into the fray with Johnson Truck.

The big green comfort cookery parks at Harbor Island Park most days (though Mrs. Johnson is about to deliver a baby, so there may be a slight hiatus) and has a license to be here until Fall. It’s near the playground at the moment, but will move beach side come summer.

Swing around to the window and you’re greeted by Chef Johnson and Lil’ Johnson Jr. sporting chef hats and spouting expressions like “come y’all and feel our fine funky flavors!”

There’s blackened shrimp, chili, etouffee, grits, and hot dogs for the kids. “Johnson Jambalaya,” “Momma’s Creole Lobsta Roll” and plenty of meals for “Vegematarians.”

The video below was submitted to the Food Network Eat St. contest last year, where chef came in first in the US, but lost the contest to a Canadian contestant. Must watch!

Chef wanes philosophic. “I’ve always said, Canadians are people too.”


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Alisa Cagle
Alisa Cagle
10 years ago

Da whirled needs more Johnsons!

10 years ago

Congrats on the new lil guy!

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