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Cool Finds: Real, Live Books

Some people in Larchmont brag about living in a village with two independent bookstores. But there’s another one down the road you should know about. Another that understands that when buying (not to mention the increasingly rare art of browsing) for books can mean sifting through tightly packed shelves, reading the back of book jackets and getting lost among stacks of everything from big, fat reference books to romantic trash? Hats off to Diane’s Books in Greenwich for preserving the experience of serendipitously finding something new to read.

Passionately owned by Diane Garrett, who boasts stocking four-times more books than the average superstore, Diane’s Books is everything on-line shopping is not: intimate, informative and interesting, complete with book-loving staff to help you wade through the store’s vast collections (or leave you alone if that’s what you’re looking for). Coined “A Family Bookstore,” Diane’s has scores of options for its youngest customers on up.  In this day of e-buying — let alone e-reading — Diane’s Books’ ability to be going strong 22 years after opening its doors speaks volumes. Thousands of them.

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