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Cool Finds: Monkey See, Monkey Do, Mamaroneck


Imagine Geppetto, the master woodcarver of Pinocchio fame, brought a studio full of updated wooden toys and games to town, and moved them into a small Mamaroneck shop, with a factory warehouse in back. All the products would tease your mind, no matter your age, and be beautiful to look at and touch, made as they were of sustainable wood, with no metal screws or nails.

Levy with a couple of customers

We recently discovered  Monkey Pod Games Factory Store, this (almost) hidden gem, and urge you to, as well. Owner Gilad Levy will offer to show you around, but he will probably be quickly distracted by a puzzle he simply must show you, or a design that’s in the works. Gilad and his brother, Ron, started the business in 2008. The Factory Store opened in December, 2013.


Monkey Pod is rapidly being discovered by toy stores, museum gift shops and other stores nationally. But they’re based right here. Check out their Facebook page.

A great resource for gifts- for children, adults, even yourself.  Solutions to many puzzles on video at the company Web site.

We are certain Geppetto was here somewhere, though we didn’t see him.

Monkey Pod Games—  313 Halstead Ave., Mamaroneck  (800) 787-8380



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