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Cool Finds: Hoopdancing!

MAMARONECK–Ever have a secret urge to hula hoop alone in a dark room? Me neither, but Hoopdance is a fantastic way to work-out and perhaps unleash your hidden belly dancer.

Larchmont’s Dana Forman has created a class for adults and kids that takes fitness to a great new level; as she describes it, a fun dance and cardio workout that utilizes an adult sized weighted hula hoop to help you clear your mind, tone your body and ignite your spirit!

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Classes are held at Danse Elite in Mamaroneck, 715 Mamaroneck Ave.


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Hailey Bradshaw
Hailey Bradshaw
9 years ago

Hi. I’m 17 and I’m in Larchmont visiting for the summer. I was wondering if you had any teaching positions open for the summer. I consider myself to be a very good hula hooper and I love working with kids. I would really be grateful if you would consider me. I have a video of my last routine on Youtube here.
This was recorded 6 months ago and I think I am better now.

Dana Forman
Dana Forman
9 years ago

Check out for more information.

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