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Cool Finds: Harrison Bake Shop

Every so often you have to forget about fancy French pastries and dig into the real stuff.

The Harrison Bake Shop gives you plenty of it. The unassuming bakery, located in a Harrison  strip mall, boasts the best old school favorites around –  fresh bread, butter cookies, birthday cakes and apple-filled pastry that is “one of the best treats I’ve had in a long time,” according to one customer.

The shop is as good for a weekend-morning-not-even-close-to-healthy-cake-and-coffee run as it is for party catering, which they’ll do with a mere day’s notice.

Undeniably delicious.

Harrison Bake Shop, 357 Halstead Ave., Harrison. 835-1151.  No Website.

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Photos by Jacqueline Silberbush

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