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Cool Finds: Core Fusion Sport

Core Fusion Sport in Larchmont

It’s a workout to keep you lean, mean and assure no one utters the words “muffin top” in your vicinity.

Core Fusion Sport is the latest offering at Larchmont’s Debbie Frank Exercise Studio, which is affiliated with Exhale, where this and other amazingly effective fitness and movement programs were developed.

Using core-strengthening exercises facilitated with stretchy bands and a “medicine ball” weighing about 6 lbs., Core Fusion Sport “offers a way to strengthen your body in a safe way that continues out of the classroom,” says instructor Laurie Levy.

Using a combination of lateral and twisting movements, the class promises to “chisel and firm your arms, shoulders, legs and butt while focusing on your core – the center of your strength.”

“We hit all the core areas,” Laurie says, “the glutes, ham strings, shoulders, chest, delts, abdominals and back.”

“We’ll make you stronger for tennis, skiing, or even reaching into the back seat of your car.”

Thursdays at 9:30 am, Debbie Frank Exercise Studio, Larchmont 914.833.3059.

Laurie Levy, left, leads clients to strong abs

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