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Cool Finds: 3rd Rail Studios

Robert Perucci, owner, 3rd Rail Studios

It’d be understood if you thought you’d stumbled upon a body shop. In fact, one of the artists’ studios here is leased to a body shop; but these are no grease monkeys, they’re sculptors working in metal. Highly charged doesn’t begin to describe the atmosphere.

3rd Rail Studio in New Rochelle is tucked into the industrial area near Flowers Park. Word of mouth among those who cast in bronze and other metals is so strong, 3rd Rail maintains a steady clientele of artists needing their castings assembled, preserved or repaired.

Josh Randle, a metal worker from Homer, Alaska stopped by

“We help them to make the things they cant,” says 3rd Rail’s Robert Perucci, 35, “we’ve got the tools.” Perucci, who opened 3rd Rail first as an art gallery with his wife Christine Milo, also teaches metal sculpture and bronze casting at the Silvermine School of Art in New Canaan.


Need something fixed, like to weld, or just curious? Come watch the sparks fly.

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