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611 Orienta Avenue, Mamaroneck (the number on the sign is incorrect)

At least four abandoned homes in the Village of Mamaroneck are under scrutiny by Mayor Norman Rosenbaum and his staff.

“The situation is beyond reasonable acceptance,” Rosenbaum says. “All involved are frustrated by the Village of Mamaroneck’s legal limitations.”

The Village has identified these four properties, pictured, (a fifth, at 427 N. Barry Avenue is under review) as abandoned or condemned.  One of them is in the exclusive Orienta area.

So the Village going to try and hit the scofflaw land owners where it hurts.

It is sending crews every two weeks to clean up around the abandoned homes, two of which have in-ground swimming pools, and, the Mayor says, the bill will be sent to the owners.


186 Grand Avenue, Mamaroneck (and door, right)


If the remediation bills are not paid, Rosenblum says tax liens will be enforced.

But it’s not that easy.

The owner of 611 Orienta Avenue (above) is listed as a holding company that has been dissolved by the State for inactivity. The Village continues to maintain the property while trying to find whomever may be responsible.

A group of neighbors in Orienta have been complaining about the property since it was vacated in 2007.

“Children or teens can get in there and get in big trouble”, says Sunny Goldberg, a Village resident. “It is not only an eyesore but a danger, and the  landlord should be ashamed of himself.”

414 Warren Avenue, Mamaroneck
304 Warren Avenue, Mamaroneck
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