Con Ed May Lift Westchester Moratorium


Lengths of natural gas pipeline await burial beneath a neighborhood in Buchanan, NY.     Courtesy: Hudson River Stories


We have reported on Con Edison’s moratorium on new natural gas hookups in Westchester County, a program opposed by developers in a burgeoning local construction areas, such as New Rochelle.

Between the company’s announcement of the moratorium and its start on March 16, Con Edison received 1,600 applications for firm gas service in the moratorium area.

Today, Con Ed said that it has reached agreement with the owners of an existing natural gas pipeline that serves Con Edison’s facilities in Westchester County for additional natural gas capacity. Once completed, this reasonable, low-impact solution will provide Con Edison with the natural gas capacity needed to lift the current moratorium on new gas hookups in Westchester County. 

Con Ed is continuing to implement the company’s $223 million Smart Solutions program for customers who are interested in alternatives to natural gas, including incentives to electrify heating systems, upgrade HVAC controls, install geothermal heat pumps or weatherize their homes.Under the agreement, Tennessee Gas Pipeline would provide the increased natural gas capacity to Con Edison’s distribution system in Westchester by upgrading compression facilities on its system outside of New York State.  These upgrades will enhance the capability of the existing pipelines to transport incremental natural gas supplies for Con Edison. Subject to the necessary approvals, the incremental capacity could be placed in service by November 2023.

Demand for natural gas in New York City and Westchester County has grown significantly in recent years. This has been due to conversions of heating systems from oil, as well as economic growth, with developers preferring natural gas in new buildings.

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