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Community $ Reinstates School Sports

from a Mamaroneck School District Press Release Tuesday:

MAMARONECK, NY, August 9, 2011 –  The Board of Education accepted a community donation in the amount of $30,000 to reinstate funding for seven athletic teams that were originally cut from the 2010-2011 budget (and not restored in the 2011-2012 budget) and an additional $7,000 to enhance the ‘team experience’ for students participating on each of these seven teams.

“We strongly believe that athletics is an integral part of a student’s educational experience and thank the District and the Board of Education for supporting our fundraising efforts,” said Robin Levine, one of the parents spearheading the fundraising initiative.  “The commitment of our community to raise the money to reinstate these teams not only attests to the importance of ongoing opportunities for increased numbers of students to participate in our athletic program, but reinforces the strong belief in maintaining the progression of a sport from the modified level through varsity in order to remain successful and competitive.”

Athletic teams to be restored in the 2011-2012 budget include:

Modified field hockey (second team)
Junior Varsity boys soccer (second team)
Modified volleyball (second team)
Modified girls basketball (second team)
Freshman boys basketball
Freshman baseball
Modified softball (second team)
“On behalf of the entire district, I thank the community for its determination in raising these funds and its generosity in supporting our athletic program during these difficult budgetary times,” Superintendent Dr. Robert Shaps said.  “Our goal moving forward will be to develop and communicate a clear philosophy for interscholastic athletics and develop program opportunities (e.g., number of teams) accordingly.   As we get closer to the 2012-13 budget process, we’ll seek community input to define the programs and team structure that will be supported through the District budget in the years ahead.”

Currently, all interscholastic sports programs include a varsity, junior varsity, and modified team.  The community fundraising initiative to restore the seven teams took place over the course of about six weeks.

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