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Coming Up: Real Ghost Buster, Larchmont Library- Oct. 27


Join Barry Pirro at the Larchmont Public Library on Thursday, October 27, at 7:00pm.

Barry Pirro has been studying and investigating the paranormal for over a decade. He investigates reports of hauntings, poltergeists, residual energy and all forms of paranormal and supernatural phenomena and provide professional, private investigations to anyone who is experiencing paranormal activity in their home or workplace.

Pirro will share chilling stories from his recent investigations, play recordings of actual ghosts and share ghost-hunting tips. There will be a Q&A period following.

Pirro’s goal as a paranormal investigator (ghost hunter) is to help people understand the phenomenon, share evidence that either supports or disputes claims of paranormal activity, and to try to help remedy the situation. Pirro is very sensitive to paranormal activity and he relies not only on scientific instruments, but on inner intuition to pinpoint areas of activity.  If a house is haunted … Barry Pirro will know it.


Pirro’s paranormal investigations run the gamut from ghostly sightings to spirits who make themselves known in terrifying ways. Pirro has investigated numerous paranormal phenomenon including:

  • The haunted apartment where loud knocking is heard on the walls, and a mysterious woman and child have been sighted.
  • Two sisters repeatedly attacked by a demon in their Upstate New York home.
  • The sighting of a ghostly figure believed to be that of the New York Revolutionary War outlaw, Claudius Smith. The presence of this spirit haunts the grounds of a private home and was actually photographed walking across an empty field.
  • The family plagued by spirits including that of a little girl who says “Good morning”; a dark figure that is seen standing in doorways; a wolf-like creature who makes his presence known to children; and the hurling of objects at the homeowners.
  • The totally unexplainable phenomenon that one family came home to one day – Physical evidence of a ghostly presence in their home.
  • The home where lights turn on and off by themselves; where the figure of a woman in Victorian dress stands at the foot of a staircase; and where footsteps can be heard walking up the stairs at night.
  • The grandfather who bore the scar on his forehead from a ghostly sighting he experienced as a young boy.

For more information about this program or the Larchmont Public Library, visit: LarchmontLibrary.org



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