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Coming Up: Paine to Pain, New Rochelle – Oct. 4

NewRo Runners, the group that organizes the Paine to Pain Trail Half Marathon, will host a “preview” run of the course on October 4th at 9 am. Please arrive 10-15 minutes early so that we can start promptly.

While there is no race this year due to the pandemic  that doesn’t mean they can’t do a fun run. (But we don’t start at the P2P start line — read this whole message!)

Rules for 2020:

Bring a mask!!!  First, you will need it for the start area when people congregate.

This is a guided running tour, not a race.

We will have multiple groups – which, the organizers say,  “we coyly designate as fast, medium and slow, because tall, grande and venti didn’t seem right.”  The groupings will generally (and very loosely) be:

·         Fastest – Was training for 3:30 marathon or faster (or 1:40 ½-marathon)

·         Medium – Was training for 3:30 – 4:15 marathon (or 1:40 – 2:10  ½-marathon)

·         Slower – Was training for 4:15-5:00 hour marathon (All runners should be capable of running a 2:30 half marathon on the street – please, no walkers.)

There are no fees, no services, and you don’t have to be a member of NewRo Runners to join.

Just send me an email, tweet (@PaineToPain), Instagram (@PaineToPain) or mention on our Facebook page, so that they have a sense of how big our crowd will be.

Do not meet at the starting line for P2P! “We start, instead, at the trailhead for the Leatherstocking Trail. This is at the corner of Pinebrook Boulevard and Hillside Crescent in New Rochelle. (See map) There is parking available on Hillside Crescent.”

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