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Coming Up: Next ‘Listening Tour’ in Mamaroneck Schools

Murray Ave School

From the Mamaroneck Union Free School District
Mamaroneck Public Schools’ Community Listening Tour Comes to Murray Ave. School Thursday, January 15th , 7 pm 

The Board of Education’s “Community Listening Tour” continues tomorrow evening with a visit to Murray Ave. School.  All community members are welcome.  We have been encouraging community members to consider attending the meeting that is being held at the elementary school for which they are zoned; however, if that is not possible, you are welcome to attend this meeting tomorrow evening or the meeting at Central on 1/27.

Murray Ave. School is the 3rd stop on the “listening tour”.   The schedule of meetings (all beginning at 7 pm) is as follows:

Nov. 19 — Listening Tour meeting at Mamaroneck Avenue School  — COMPLETED
Jan. 7 —   Listening Tour meeting at Chatsworth Avenue School in the Winnie-the-Pooh Cafeteria – COMPLETED
Jan. 15 —  Listening Tour meeting at Murray Avenue School – THURSDAY EVENING
Jan. 27 —  Listening Tour meeting at Central School

The purpose of these meetings is for Board members and the Superintendent to hear community members’ thoughts about the educational experience of Mamaroneck students – what  you value, what’s working and ongoing challenges.  Click here for a sheet that will be distributed at the start of tomorrow evening’s meeting to help guide discussion.

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